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Is a Dozen Eggs a Day Too Much?


Is eating 12 eggs too much, as far as cholesterol goes and what not?

I eat 5 in the morning now.
I work 12 hour shifts and popping 6 eggs as part of a meal would make life much easier.


Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that you'll do just fine.

And I assume that an individual before/after lipoprotein profile would better answer the question.


Fair enough chillain.

Just wondering, anyone here eat 10 or more eggs a day?


I have many times and many bulkers have 10 as part of a breakfast alone. I think you'll be fine because the individuals I know that eat more than the standard 2 eggs for breakfast that 'normal' people eat, are healthier than the said 'normal' individuals.


i eat 7 eggs a day and i have done so for the last 3 months or so. I know my cholesterol and BP has dropped over the last 9 months, not that is means much at all.

I believe Prof X eats a dozen eggs every morning


Alright 6 eggs and 2 cups of milk for my 3 am meal.
660 cal with 52g of protein.


i eat two dozen a day, i love scrambled eggs with cheese
hasn't affected me negatively at all my cholesterol levels are perfect
you'll be fine
p.s i have been doing so for over a year


Plenty of experimental evidence suggests that he'll be fine, but as you said, I would check with the doctors first



Two dozen eggs please â?¦ hold the bacon - report on an elderly man who eats 25 eggs a day and yet maintains a normal cholesterol
Science News, April 13, 1991
Two dozen eggs please ... hold the bacon

An elderly man with a mammoth appetite for eggs serves as an extreme example that some people can eat large amounts of cholesterol-laden foods without harming their health.

In the March 28 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, gastroenterologist Fred Kern Jr. of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver describes an 88-year-old retirement-home resident who has consumed an average of 25 eggs daily for more than 15 years -- yet maintains normal levels of blood cholesterol. The man, diagnosed with a compulsive eating disorder, keeps a running tally of the two dozen softboiled eggs he methodically ingests throughout the day. He eats an otherwise normal diet and is of average weight.

Kern says the man's body has "extremely efficient compensatory mechanisms" that allow him to cope with the quantity of cholesterol he consumes. Not only do his intestines absorb only 18 percent of the cholesterol he ingests--50 to 60 percent is more normal -- but his liver also produces twice the normal level of the acids, breakdown products of cholesterol.

Margaret Flynn, a clinical dietician at the University of Missouri in Columbia, says the man's healthy cholesterol level is not surprising. "All of the studies we have done showed no effect [on blood cholesterol] of high egg consumption in a normal diet," she told SCIENCE NEWS.


This is good advice, however sometimes I wonder if it really is, since the vast majority of doctors would say eating 2 eggs everyday would be a bad idea.

Case in point. I have a client with high cholesterol. His doctor told him to stay away from eggs, but in his own research my client is finding eggs aren't bad.
I feel the same, but at the same time, it's hard for me to say go against what your doctors says.


I'd worry about food variety if you're eating eggs all day.

I'm not smart enough to know anything from a nutrition standpoint.


I've been eating a dozen whole eggs almost every day for 3 years and my cholesterol is a little low if you believe that means anything. I haven't had a full profile in a while, but I really really believe that the whole cholesterol scare deal is a colossal oversimplification designed to sell drugs.

It's been said a hundred times already, but LDL, HDL etc. aren't even cholesterol at all. They are lipoproteins that transport cholesterol and without cholesterol you would die.


I used to eat that many when on campus. No problems, except for insane farts.


I don't think so. I've had as many as 30 a day for a few weeks because of an old training article I read. I think you'll be fine. But man, the bland taste gets old dont it.


I can't quote the research but there was one, dietary cholesterol was cut by 33% and it's influence was a few percent at best...


I was suggesting the before/after bloodwork simply because it would provide the OP with the MOST relevant experimental data possible.

But I wouldn't bother seeking out advice on this from most docs; in this case, ordering the bloodwork would be about the extent of their contribution.


Thanx for the input guys.
I picked p a dozen eggs and a gal of milk to keep at work to last tonight and tomorrow night... along with my other meals of course.


I think you will be fine. In fact, you'll probably make some incredible gains. BUT. The only problem I could see is eventually developing an allergy to them. This is a possibility for sure. So what you could do is eat them for as long as you can handle eating that many, lol, and then take a little break. You know?


Like egg cycling. Haha


lol exactly.