Is A Bar Just A Bar?

I have been using a cheap 5’ Olympic bar for Deadlifts, Cleans, and Snatches. It is time to purchase a 7’ Olympic bar. Are any out there specically designed for Olympic lifts? Any Suggestions?

“Is a Bar just a Bar?”


Elieko training bar :slight_smile:

For the olympic lifts a good bar will indeed make a difference.

For the snatch, a long bar is very important, especially if you have long arms. But the most important feature of a good bar is the rotation. A non-rotating cheap bar can really be hard on the wrists and shoulders.

Spend the money and get a quality bar it will last a life time.I would’nt get one from those $99 dollar sets.These are usually from china and of low quality even though they look nice.We used one i bought “for the weight plates” to do heavy deadlift rack pulls and it now has a slight permenent bend in it.Thats o.k. for us because thats the kind of stuff we use it for.A good olympic bar will flex with the weight but retain it’s shape when it’s set down.I have a power bar that i really like called a texas powerbar thats as good as the day i bought it 7 years ago.If your an olympic lifter though you will want a good olympic bar such as an eliko.

After doing some research on the web I have found that an Eleiko training bar is gonna run about$600.00. That’s a little steep. Any other recomendations in the $ 250.00 range.

I second the Texas power bar. Got mine from Nice peice o’ equipment.

What are you doing with it and how much are you putting on it? Even an exercise bar is good for 250 lbs.

Elite fitness systems ( a bar on sale for $115.00 + $35 shipping called Standard Bar Black(color) rated at 1000lbs.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. I have my own gym at home and have an area where I do my Deadlifts, Snatches, Cleans, Push-Press, The Bear and those types of movements. So I working toward 400lbs in the DL

get something with needle bearings


Thanks that was just what I was looking for. I ordered it this morning.