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Is a 31-Gauge Insulin Syringe Enough to Inject Test?

Is the needle end to small?

I use 30g. It takes a little longer to fill and you have to go slow when injecting (smaller needle = more pressure, like your thumb on the end of a water hose to make it spray harder/farther). If you are injecting more than a ml at a time you may want to do 27g to save some time but it’s just personal preference. Try both

I use 31 gauge. As long as the barrel is 0.5 ml there will be enough pressure to get the testosterone through. Warming the test before injecting can help as well. Easy peasy

Probably will be fine. How easy it is will depend on the carrier oil of the testosterone

Cool thank you man. It’s my first cycle and I was worried about the testosterone “not getting in” cause the needle is too short if that makes sense. Also, if the needle is a little bent when I pull it out is that a problem. Last question, is it bad to inject it too fast. Thank you to everyone for their resposes btw

Interesting… I’ve always thought 25g 1” was kinda the “smallest” to use for test in the glutes. Tempted to try a 30g 1” now!

Anyone else using a 30g 1” for glutes with Test E?

I’d recommend staying away from anything over half inch because that thin needle will break off inside you and that’s a trip to the ER

Is half inch sufficient for glutes? I’m 195lbs and ~12-13%.

Probably not. It would most likely be a sub q injection

Sorry I meant it will probably not be intramuscular. You can inject sub q with that size in that area. I do that.

Alot of guys use 28 29 and 30g 1/2" for IM i have in the past. I use 30g 5/16" for subq

Was using 30g, but it took forever to fill (like 3 minutes). Now I use 27g it is much better. Fills in like 20 seconds, and injects much easier. I think it is only 0.004" bigger on the OD of the needle, so I don’t feel a difference.

That’s why you back load slin pins

IDK prolly would just take forever to load and pin. If you want something easier use a 29g slin pin 1ml. Pull back plunger duck tape vial to wall and let it fill up the pin… Then wait 10 min and just bang it anywhere your lean. Quads and shoulders best IMO… If its prop dont pin yur leg go rear delt or yull be sorry

Use a normal syringe with a drawing pin, extract your desired amount, pull the plunger out of your slin pin, load it with the test, done. 30 is a little too whippy for me, I use 28g 1/2" for quad shots, and have bent those pins the odd time. Make a V with your index and middle finger, pressing the tissue down, inject in between the V. Don’t use slin pins for glutes.

25g is good for delt?

Owwww. I mean iv seen it but why?

Back filling a slin takes an extra 10 seconds and saves you from slamming darts into your shoulder.

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Hey zeek,so what would you recomand for shoulders?

Exactly what @juice20jd said he does for his quads do that for your shoulders

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So is the general consensus still 25g 1” for glutes? This is what I’ve used for past two Test cycles, no real issues, although I’m never opposed to going smaller if possible, safely. Haha.

Why am i using a 21 g needle for quads then haha, that’s why it hurts like hell sometimes