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Is a 17-inch laptop too big?


On the one hand, it provides a dramatically larger screen than a 15-inch laptop. On the other hand, if you want a screen that big, shouldn't you just say fuck it and go for a desktop PC instead?


I have an 18 so you're asking the wrong guy :slightly_smiling:

At 17 and up they are really desk top pc replacements. I'm not sure what the pros and cons are other than the obvious with a lap top and picking it up to go.


I have an old 17" mac laptop for my porn (no viruses LOL). The titays look ginormous.


It will be obsolete in 6 months or less, might as well see screen error messages clearer.


Depends on what you'd use it for.

If you're going to be lugging it around everywhere a smaller screen could be more practical. On the other hand if you're going to use for viewing media then you're gonna want the biggest screen possible but get ready to drop some major $$$.

Desktop PCs are easier to upgrade/fix and are cheaper in the long run. If you don't NEED a laptop just get a desktop PC.


What are you going to be using your computer for?


Internet, work and porn. Mostly porn.


Computer screens have gotten ridiculously cheap over the last few years. You could buy a cheap 11, 13, 15-inch laptop and hook it up to a 24 inch screen when you're at home. Or possibly your TV. It might be worth considering.



One of my friends hooks his laptop up to the TV, you just need to get the cable for it.

The only problem is that if the source picture quality is shitty then this will be amplified on a big screen, so whilst titties on a 32" inch screen sounds great you'll need to find high resolution titties, otherwise it'll be like watching tetris porn.



I've got a 15" for portability, I think 13" is too small and 17" is too big.





hilarious! haha




When connecting the laptop to larger screen TV's, your laptop has to have a decent video card. So that needs to be taken into account.

It depends on how much your carrying it around and your desk/work space. I have 2 laptops. a 17" and at 14.1". The 17" is a pain in the ass at work because I have to lug it all over the place and set it up in tight work spaces. It's noticeably heavier. However, the 17" is much better for movies. IMO, the desk space that the laptop takes up once it's set up is a greater factor than the weight. So as long as your work areas aren't to cramped and you're watching a lot of videos then I'd get the 17.


This is the way to go. I have a 15" laptop and I connect it to a 23" monitor at home. Best of both worlds.


WAY too big.

I traveled for 15 years of my life and went from 14-15 inc THICK laptops to 17". It's hard to find a good bag that fits and good luck opening one on an airplane.

I'm with a Dell Inspiron now 15" and it's thin and light. I wish it were smaller still.

You can always get a big monitor for gaming.


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I have a 17 and it sucks. A 12" with 93% size keyboard is perfect, imo. The 17 doesn't fit in most book bags, doesn't fit in my motorcycle seat pack, and is just a general pain in the butt to move around. Anything that big should just be a separate monitor.

As for screen real estate, using multiple desktops with hotkeys to switch between is much quicker.

The only thing a 17 is good for is a portable media center.


I have to use a fucking hiking pack to haul this POS around.