Is 75mg/Week Too Low of a Dose?

Nearing the end of my first week on trt and I feel amazing energy wise. Still waiting for the other benefits to kick in, but my energy stayed up the whole week and my quality of sleep improved significantly. I no longer wake up feeling dead and live less. I no longer need 8 naps a day. My question is, however, is 75 mg a week too low of a dose? Based on my reading it seems as though 100-150 mg weekly is standard for starting out. Would love to increase dosage if that means I get to see more of the benefits quicker.

For most people its extremely low dose

Most people do end up in the 100-200mg/week range, however, there are people who are very sensitive to it and do better at low dosages like you’re on.

I would not add more to get results “quicker”. I would try adding more to see if you get even more benefits. The goal is to take the lowest dose that provides symptom relief.

The usual advice is it takes 6-8 weeks before you will “stabilize” at a particular dosage, so keep in mind you should keep seeing additional improvements even at the dosage you are already at

I would probably try 100mg/week and see if you feel even better but that’s just me.

Should I up the dosage at my next injection or keep taking my current dose and ask my doctor to up it at the next appointment? I have a 3 month vial of 100/mg test cyp

If you increase your own dosage and doctor is having any of it, then you are forced to reduce dosage and start the process all over again. If you run out of T-cypionate before you refill, you may be stuck with no T for weeks grinding your therapy to a halt.

Your doctor seems to be a little too conservative when it comes to dosing and is probably not used to managing men on TRT. If your doctor can’t provide sufficient dosing then it’s time to locate a new doctor.

If you’re injecting one weekly, then you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. You may start feeling swings days after your injection in the coming weeks.

I also should mention everytime you change something about your protocol whether it’s dosage increase or an injection frequent increase, your body will be in limbo for 6 weeks as you body adjusts to this change in hormone levels.

If you keep changing things up too often your progress with stall and 6-12 months later you’ll see little progress and not show much benefits on TRT. TRT can be slow to show results, things may not happen on your time scale and may take longer than you anticipated.

Those who have no patience tend to struggle the most because they don’t allow enough time for their body to adjust to dosing changes.

It’s low, but not necessarily “too low”. What did your doctor say when you asked about the prescribed dose? (If the answer is, “I didn’t ask him”, then… duh.)

Regardless, one week’s time is too soon to be making any changes.

That’s not how it works.


No. Keep taking the current dose and, either at your next appointment or call whenever possible, ask your doctor why he prescribed that specific dosage for your specific situation.


75 mg is tue recommended starting dose if you inject subq.

There are not many men ending up on 75mg weekly on T-Nation, the averages are higher than 75mg. A 50mg twice weekly will get most to 500>, so 75mg or 37.5mg twice weekly is on the low side.

Well what i have read many if not most people here aim for levels in the high normal range.

Interestingly subq was shown to produce on average 25% higher systemic exposure. I inject 3x per week 25mg each which results in peak levels of 560 and trough levels of 500.

Stay on the 75mg, but my recommendation would be to split it up into 2 or 3 doses per weak. In that way peak to trough levels will only differ by about 60 mg/dl. Get tested in 5 to 6 weeks and adjust accordingly.

My pre-trt levels were higher than your TRT levels. Not saying you’re wrong as I’m sure you wouldn’t agree with my levels either. Just curious why you would not want to be in a higher range? Did you go to 800 and find you had problems there or is it that you started at 75mg which put you in the 500’s and felt ok so never changed it?

I increased the dose to 3x 35 mg Test E just to see what happens. My total T went up to 730 after 3 weeks but i had troubles sleeping and my legs felt heavy. I also got very oily skin and libido was actually weekend. I might try again in the future, but for now i feel really well. Everybody is different, i guess thats also the fun part :slight_smile:

I think you already know when doing a protocol change 3 weeks is when a majority of the side effects present themselves and at 6-8 weeks is when they dissipate especially when increasing your dosage. Hell when I went from daily sub-q to EOD (same weekly dosage) I felt like crap for a month or more. Felt normal around week 6. After 12 weeks I decided I liked daily better and switched to daily IM. Took another month to feel decent and around week 7 started feeling amazing again.

I feel super happy, never felt that good before. No need to optimize anyfurther with potentially more pronounced side effect like polycythemia on higher dose.

Currently only on Clomid but tonight I once again start my 100mg test c once a week subq. This has been the dose I have always been on and it only brings my levels to 74.7 free and 253 total but my e2 57 and I have never felt good. I am going to add some DIM and see if it makes any difference. 100 mg really is not much but works for a lot of people.

If it’s only been a week, you probably are not fully shut down yet. That may be why you feel great.

Give it another month and reassess.

75mg is likely going to be too low, but like everyone else says, go by how you feel, not numbers so much.

If you feel super happy then what more can you ask for.

Sex drive!!!

That’s ALL that matters for me. I’ll take that over irritability, anxiety, bloating and moodiness all day!

Once a week 100mg SQ injection, the high estrogen is self induced, you must want high estrogen.

There are guys on 80 mg and are fine. Many previous steroid guys here …,they think differently.
More not better with TRT

Wait 8 weeks. Take labs and assess symptoms.

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My endo wont give me a script for enough syringes and needles for EOD or ED