Is 50mg per Week Too Low? My Doc Doesn’t Think So.

Hi all,
I just started TRT a week ago, and had my second shot today. I’m on 50mg once per week.

Here are my labs before starting:
LH: 3.10 miu/ml
FSH: 2.8 miu/ml
Estradiol: 16.6 pg
Prolactin: 5.0
Testosterone total: 312 (264-916)
Testosterone Free: 9.1 (8.7-25)

Based on these lab results, what seems to be my issue??

Likely, yes, it will be.

Your dr should’ve run shbg, but was smart enough to run e2 at least.

Push to get labs after 5 weeks and get reevaluated. The standard starting does is 100mg/week.

I would stick with the 50 a week. Do labs after 6 weeks from first shot. Keep us posted.

It easier to go up in dose in my book…

I’ve read guys do good at 80 a week. So it’s not unheard of. You may avoid all those beginner issues that guys get when they start too high at 150 a week.

The honest answer is that none of us know. The best course of action is as @charlie12 describes; stick with your Dr.'s plan, test and reevaluate from there. This is more than likely exactly what your Dr plans to do.
You’ll of course want to be as proactive as possible with him since after all, this is your body we’re talking about, no one has a vested interested more than you do.
Things to discuss with the Dr.

  • increasing frequency of injections to 2x wk
  • pros and cons of Subq vs. IM
  • self administration over office visits (if he’s forcing you to come in for treatment)
  • his views on E management (AI or Nolva)

This is a continuing process, there is no simple solution that works for everyone, every time.

We are all different. With that being said I tried 120 a week 110 , 100, and 85-90 a week. All split in 2 injections.

Am at 100 now. Feel very good but I have this annoying belly bloat that I do not think I had when I was close to 90 a week.

So am thinking about going back down.

There is such a stigma to going below 100 a week. It’s like damn am injecting testosterone man, and the tendency is to injecting more.

I just did labs. When I get results I’ll decide if I will try to go back down.

I tested total estrogens which I never tested before. No e2. But my e2 was last in low 30s.
I also tested total and free t.
I also did thyroid labs so I may restart my desiccated thyroid. If thats the case I may stay at 100 and temporarily blame the bloat on thyroid.

What would shbh tell me??

Also do my other labs look consistent with someone who has low T?

Shbg may tell you Jack.

Some use it as a Bible to determine injection frequency. But that is pure speculation

SHBG is very important.

It is a carrier protein that transports testosterone and other hormones around your body to different cells.

Men with lower shbg tend to convert testosterone more fast to estrogen via aromatase activity and DHT than men with higher amounts. THese men may do better on more frequent injections.

Did this DR only give you ONE blood test to show low T? I’d want numerous tests to confirm it prior to jumping on TRT and a lifelong commitment to it.

This is just one person’s opinion.

Any physio is more talking about HIGH shbg than low.

I’m on 380mg a week (200mg every 4 days). I started with 200mg a week on Jan 2018, then 250, 300, and finally 380 8 weeks ago.

My total T was 170 before I started TRT. Now it’s 880. Labs were taken 4 days ago. Everything else came back within normal range.

Everyone is different. I seem to metabolize test like crazy, that’s why 380mg only brings me to 880.
Every trt specialist is diff. Mine wanted me to be in the highest T safely, so he started low and allow me to increase it slowly. He also expects me to get labs every month if I was to continue with him.

That’s a hefty trt dose.

What’s your FT and E2 like?

Thats the craziest TRT dose Ive seen! It would cost you a fortune to run a steroid cycle :laughing:

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That’s what I thought.

Interesting he’s only reaching 800s in Total on it.

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Yah what a dick. Go get a new doc. He’s scared to dose at. Tell him to open his eyes and research.

My estradiol is 3.6 ng/dL.
I don’t know what FT stands for.

God damn dude. Doesn’t your insurance cover this? I get 28 day supply for $20.

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I have so many questions but not the place for that.

Where are you located? You can find a better source or jsut tell them there crazy. You can get it dirt cheap elsewhere and see why they do.

Here in Houston I got enough for 2 months and the cost 70$ ugl