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Is 5/3/1 Enough Volume for Size?

been doing 531 since october of 2013. 2nd pic is from 2014, the other ones from april.

u did amazing work… what variation did u follow? can see before photo?

the 20 rep squat aka widow maker

fuck that macro shit and eat as Jim recommends it in the BBB challenge article, in 2cond edition and in various articles. Why don’t you trust his and our advice

i trust him cuz i know it works… but does he know enough about bodybuilding…? just thinking outload… as for food… i got fat thats why i eat smaller… dont wanna go fatter im almos 20%

I did Triumvirate, rest pause, BBB, FSL, full body, offseason for mass and some other templates, really doesnt matter. Do it as written, eat a lot, gain strength and muscle. I’m 24 now, i started strength training at 15 years of age and im not gonna post childhood pics

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well when u srarted lifting was it 5 3 1 right away? was it ur frist work u did in gym?
food i try to get enough protien withought going broke of money lol… eggs and cttge cheese is alot for me

Do u even listen to yourself? have you read the books? Also, if you’re strictly interested in Bodybuilding, Jim has never claimed to be an expert on that, he even wrote he has no interest in it, neither do i. Why don’t you look for advice in the bodybuilding forums?

Many natural bodybuilders used 531 tho, look up matt ogus. I am getting fairly big on it. If for a natural athlete the main factors for gaining muscle are increasing strength and getting in relevant volume, 531 is a pretty awesome option.

Do you really think some leg curls and extensions with a random smith machine squat workout (12-10-8-6 reps for example, no weights or percentages specified) out of your magazine is gonna compare to the heavy 5s of a 5s PRO followed by 225 for 5x10 squats for leg size and strength? think again

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what is your point dude. i think you already have your opinion. why the hell are u even asking questions. im outta here

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ur right… its well disigned porgram and i like it when doing squat and bench… i feel im getting better with it…

my questhion was meant to know something… if u did it from the begging then bigginer can use it… that what i meant… nothing perosnal lol… just trying to gather info
trust in my workout comes from tsuff like that

k. when i started 531 i weighed a fat 220. went down to the 200 lbs u see in the second pic, and then to the 245 lbs u see in the other 3 pics. im 6’2". My strength went up immensely in the process. i could squat 275 for 5 before 531, in april i hit 315 for 13. bench 200 for 4-5 to 235 x 7 paused. OHP from 95 for 5 to 95 x 25 and 160 x 12. Pullups x 20 strict. Dips x 40. Dead 315 x 5 to 365 x 15 dead stop.

Nothing crazy, but im pretty happy with my strength and my looks.


ok thanks… i actually like the plan alot… but for me bbb bench day is like 5 3 1 then usinjg 50% my max on 5x10 means only 10 kilo each side on bar … thats why i was quethioning it be4… but now i really into it more

well thats 40 kg, if you’re a beginner and make it through your 5s and 5x10 with 40 kg, that’s pretty good and not that light of a weight for BBB. but why don’t u focus on 5x5 FSL or on PR sets + triumvirate, build some strength for half a year and get into BBB with higher weights

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can u explan what is fsl 5x5? @ripped_vik

buy the books. or look it up, it’s been answered like 1000 times tbh


How does this site work, I cant figure out how to PM anyone! I would really like to chat to you as you seem to have achieved all of my goals and are following 531 so please respond



There is no PM feature. It was an upgrade/improvement to the site a while back.

FSL, or First Set Last, is a set or sets at the first work set (65% on the 5 week, etc.). FSL 5x5 is doing 5 sets of 5 at that, after your main work. So, on the 5 week, 5 reps at 65%, 5 reps at 75%, 5+ reps for a PR at 85%, then 5 sets of 5 reps at 65%. Wendler recommends it frequently, and perhaps it can be thought of as the go-to supplemental work.

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hey i’m here, what would you like to know? i really just follow 531, only thing i added were more chins/pullups (between every push set)