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Is 5/3/1 Enough Volume for Size?

is 1 time bench and squat a week enough to grow size as m dong it for 1> size 2> strnjth in the big 3?

size gains are a function of enough relevant volume and enough (quality) calories (&protein). I don’t see where the problem is with doing the bench or squat once a week.

For maximum size alongside strength try BBB, triumvirate, periodization bible, 531 for bodybuilding, 531 for hardgainer, rest pause challenge or monolith


week 2 on bbb actually

Just do the basic 531 along with FSL Multiple sets :slight_smile:
It worked wonders for my size gains, with dips, rows, chins and lunges as sidedishes.

5/3/1 is more that just squatting and benching once per week. If you believe you need to squat and bench more than once per week then you can structure it like that.

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better then bbb?how does it work… even if i dont do it i like to learn

its not abut what i think is need… its what right…what u think?

Many people have gotten big and strong using 5/3/1 even with templates which have you benching and squatting once per week

they gain size and strnjth ?

Size = eat
strength = lift

It’s really that simple. If you want to do an exercise twice a week, BBB template 2 has your name all over it.

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okay i will see it thank u so much

I believe it’s better than BBB, but this is just my opinion.
If you’d like, you could reverse them. This way you’d get more frequence (ie. squat, bench, deadlift and press twice per week) just like Boring But Big - Less Boring.
It’s writting in the Beyond book and detailed thorough! Go get it :slight_smile:

Do 531 Hardgainers exactly as it’s written.

Seriously man, that template is gain central.


so bbb 5 x 10 and fsl? why do u thik its better? if i may ask ? just like to know how things work

No defintly dont do both at once! Choose only one. I like the FSL better for the rep scheme.

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yes makes you go to places you didn’t know about

guys u should know that i am still bigginer… only liftied for 1 year…
and got fat too
fst leans frist set last right? that would be like 5 kilo on the bar for me…
u should know im cing form magazine spilt… chest day was 4 pressing moves and 2 isolate then biceps… so all voulme u talking about in 5 3 1 is nothing actually… u did not shock me yet lol or impress me

what u mean lol?? how does it work really?

and <img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tnation/uploads/default/original/3X/2/7/27ed3d1c8bceaa086a0b82a2f5faee2e428bec20.jpeg" width=“375” height="500

Yeah and you impressed us all! Why dont u go and proceed to do ur “high volume” magazine workouts while we make some actual size and strength gains following jim’s advice


hehe nah i did quit that long time ago… now i do the bbb by jim and just adjusting my foot to hit macros right… still learning the truth … nice gains btw u did it with 5 3 1 really? how long did it take u?