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Is .5-1lb Lean Body Mass Possible with Just a Clean Bulk?


I'm 28 years old, 6'3'', 214lbs around 13%bf. I'd like to stay around the bf% I am now but add a good 10lbs of lean mass by this summer. The problem is I've become hooked on all types of supplements etc. I've used so many DS/PH's in the past, is this goal even possible without them?

I read about IGF and cutting edge new supplements like Ostarine etc, and see that people gain around 10lbs without any extra fat in less than 8 weeks time, and I wonder how much mass can I plan on gaining if I only trust in hard work with training and diet, around 4200 calories per day for me to start.

I've been training now for over 10 years, and my original goal was to be 225-230lbs lean (12-13%bf), and after slacking off on proper diet and training, i've trusted in all types of supplements for too long.

At my age and my history of usage, is this goal of a clean bulk within that amount of time even possible? I will be taking GHRP-6 just to help with my appetite which is tiny now. What do u think?


So youre asking if its possible to gain 10lbs and keep your bf% constant WITHOUT using drugs?

Why is this in this forum?