Is 4AD-EC suppresive to Test levels?

I am going to start a diet and I am looking for something to retain LBM. Can I use 4AD with no adverse effects? I am being cautious because I am trying to start a family and have killed my sperm count in the past with steroids.


Elephant, I’m not exactly sure. But I can tell you that when people do a Mag-10 cycle (of which 4 AD-EC is a component) they alternate two week cycles with Tribex and M to increase/support/enhance testosterone levels.

My understanding is that you can do longer cycles of 4 AD-EC than Mag-10, but there isn’t any reason that you couldn’t do two week cycles with the 4 AD-EC as well, alternating with Tribex and M.

Okay, would someone smarter than me in the pro-hormone department come and stick in their two cents’ worth, please?

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