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Is 44 too Old to Start Competing in OL?


Thinking of picking up Olympic lifting and maybe try a couple Masters comps just for fun and have something to compete in.

No aspirations of being some champion or anything, just lift and compete some.


If those are your goals, I'm not sure you are ever too old. Do it man.


The lifter I coach started Olympic lifting 8 years ago at age 41. This past Friday he won his fourth world's Master's title in Turin, Italy, setting three World records in the process--snatch, clean & jerk and total.. He's also won three Pan American titles and five Nationals. You're never too old, go for it.


You're too old to NOT start weightlifting. Do what you love to do.


There's an older fellow who competes in local competitions in my area, I think he's 50 or so. He's just a little guy but he's still snatching his bodyweight. Age is just a number. What have you got to lose?


I think you're way too old. You should consider pilates. Also let me send you some Denise Austin dvd's for a three week makeover.

Maybe go out and purchase a rocking chair for a good calf workout. But your best days are better left to dreams as you nap and sip ensure or boost energy drinks. I understand they have 7 grams of protein for muscle development.


Go for it. Spend a lot of time up front getting stable and strong in the receiving positions (bottom of the snatch, clean, and jerk), do whatever it takes to get very good in those positions (mainly work with OHS and front squat, and mobility work on hips and ankles) - you will end up progressing and enjoying it much more in the long run. Incredibly fun strength sport, and a great bunch of people in the masters ranks and administration circles.


Maybe having access to proper coaching should be a necessary condition for this adventure to prevent injuries and actually make decent progress...


Go for it!


I don't see why 44 is "too old". Sure, you won't be like the 20's guys - but Oly lifting is fun. Just get into it! Fun, fun, fun. I enjoy Oly lifting so much I rarely ever bench press, haven't had an "arms day" in like...3 months. Now I know that's a bit extreme, but hey - I don't enjoy those types of lifts anymore. I just want to have fun.

Now if you said you were 94, then I think you'd have an issue or two.


OMG Germanicus congrats to you and your athlete! That is amazing.


Thanks guys. I have thrown in the Highland games off and on for years and now throw in the Masters division. I know several that have now started Olympic lifting and competing full time.

I MIGHT have a good source to go to. Shane Hamman is here in Tulsa and I will hit him up and see if he is doing any coaching.


Going to Shane would be a great move on your part and he would be an outstanding coach. Go for it !!