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Is 4 Weeks Enough Time Between Blasts?

So im planing on going TRT for the rest of my life since i was off for over 2 years without my natural production going back. I did a 12 week cycle of tren then immediately jumped on Deca 500mg+test200mg for another 12 weeks. I’ve now been on a break for over 4 weeks and got my blood results back. Everything seems fine and nothing is wrong.
You’d think that the steroids ive taken might be fake but ive gained over 20kg of muscle in the last 30 weeks.
here’s a picture of my blood results:

Anabolic steroids have potential cardiovascular consequences when used at supra-physiologic doses for prolonged periods of time. Granted, lifestyle and genetic predisposition play a large role as to how severe the effects will be. If you can manage to get an echocardiogram/cardiac MRI on a regular basis + you feel good in general (generally don’t have mental sides) and bloods are perfect then sure. However the cardiovascular effects of AAS (long term) involving cardiac structure and function are some of the most worrying potential consequences of AAS use/abuse.

Four weeks isn’t particularly enough time off, it depends how long you intend to use anabolic steroids and the level of responsibility you as an individual have. If you’re cycling like this in the short term, the verdict is out as to how severe the long term consequences will be, however in the long term, cycling like this is likely to have a detrimental effect on you’re longevity.

As to responsibility, it depends what you consider responsible to be, however blasting almost 24/7, to me, shows a lack of self control/ lack of knowledge of the risks on AAS. Granted, I’m not one to judge, do whatever you want to do, I’m not you’re dad/mom (just make sure you’re well educated on the risks of long term AAS abuse). I’m far from being a responsible individual myself, I’ve made plenty of not-so-smart decisions throughout my admittedly short lifespan. It’s you’re life, you’re choice, just be sure you’re fully educated on the risks/rewards of such frequent and high dose blasts (19-nortestosterone/19-nortestosterone derivatives such as trenbolone appears to be riskier than many other testosterone derivatives in terms of affecting long term cardiovascular health)

Grate answer, I know the long term risks of steroids but i recently got injured and want to use steroids to come back to where I was before. I have to admit I’m not the most responsible steroid user but I keep my dosages within normal.
Can you check the link that I attached to see if anything on that blood test is missing? Something important that wasn’t measured?

Four weeks isn’t long enough. If you’re going to start trt then you should be able to recovery what you lost during your injury over a longer and more steady timeline. You want instant gratification, which is the cause of early death/poverty/unhappiness for like 99% of the men in first world nations. Delay it a bit and see what happens. You’ll be happier with results that take longer and you’ll probably be healthier, too.

alright but are the blood works the thing to look for when taking a blood test or is there something missing?

Blood work tells you what’s happening in your blood st the time of the test. It doesn’t tell you what will be happening tomorrow.

Look, so what you want. It’s your body and your life. But if you’re asking people if it’s enough time—and you started a thread for that very purpose—then don’t come up with excuses to ignore said advice.

but the time between cycles should be so blood results go back to normal, and if they’re already normal whats the point of waiting?

Look man, don’t waste people’s time if you’re just going to ask the question then ignore the answers. You didn’t need a thread to sort this out. This was a conversation that could have been had entirely in your own head without any external voices. We all have limited time available and this place is to help those who actually want to be helped.

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