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Is 38.70 pg/mL Normal?

Is 38.70 pg/mL normal for a 40 / yo guy?

That’s the result I got taking a home saliva based test kit and mailing it into a lab…

I would recommend serum testing, not saliva testing. If this was a result of serum testing I’d say you got problems. The amount of information you provide will determine the type of advice gained here, if you’re 90 years old it’s not too bad, if 20 then it’s a different story.

it was saliva based… 4 different samples 4 hours apart starting from like 3 am in the morning… that’s the only result / data they gave… I don’t have any problems with Labido or craving sex especially right in the morning… I can still get it up at least once a day… twice if I really want… but I don’t get many “morning wood” moments anymore… But I’ve read that you only notice morning wood when you wake up straight out of REM sleep… so maybe I’m not sleeping as deeply enough…

Beyond that I’m perfectly healthy physically… and exercise often enough… and not over weight…

based on the chart they provide its in normal range for a 40 year old guy… maybe towards the lower end of normal.

You should be able to get an erection on demand. You need more testing, saliva tests can’t be taken seriously.

I doubt most healthy 40 year old guys are getting erections on demand anymore without some foreplay going on… we’re not 16 years old anymore bro… this is normal age progression stuff…

but ya… a blood test would be better… I just did this because it was cheap and easy and I was curious…

I get erections on demand and I’m 46, my brother is 57 screwing like a rabbit and has no problems getting an erection on demand. I think you’re speak for yourself only and don’t know where you read that, it’s wrong.

Sounds like you’ve been living with this for so long you’ve accepted it as normal part of aging, you’d be wrong considering all the toxins we’re exposed to. If you’re will to accept a suboptimal life more power to you.

You wants facts, your below the average testosterone levels for your age, the average is 667 ng/dL.

whats 38.70 pg/mL in ng/dL ?

387 ng/dL, most guys here are seeking treatment below the 500 mark. Symptoms seem to start occurring below this point, first sadness and once you get below 350-400 erection troubles start.

Our 71 year old president has you beat at 446 ng/dL.

so if I went to the doctor and got it tested via blood work, and it came back at this level… what would they do ? probably nothing and just say I’m within normal range

it says average T levels for ages: 40 – 50 is 201 to 993 ng/dL

My guess is that most would say you are low normal, but normal for your age.

A knowledgeable doctor would offer TRT, an inexperienced doctor would say you’re normal.

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well I’m not going read too much into this result because its saliva based and who knows how tainted the samples were… I’ll probably go in to get blood work done and see.

Do walk in clinics do it?

Be wary of these clinics, often they have no clue what their doing. Go to Discount Lab and order tests yourself, insurance doctors will fight you on running required tests.

This sub topic should be refined with the context of what country/state you are in. In most USA states you can order your own labs via WWW.

It sounds like you’re trying to justify your levels as normal and that’s it’s normal for a 40 year old to not get boners like a guy in his 20’s. Low T affects the mind and forces men to accept less than optimal life, this makes a man submissive and uncaring that he isn’t optimal. Levels below 440 are where the diseases seem to hit men. You need to ignore a random websites and go based off studies.

I dunno if these results are accurate or not but if they are… There’s no reason why I should have low testosterone levels… I have no diseases… I’m on no medications… I’m perfectly healthy physically… I’m not overweight… I exercise regularly… I don’t get tired when exercising… I don’t eat bad…

Of course there’s a reason, genetics and the fact we live in a toxic environment. Food preservatives, pesticides, genetically engineered food, carbon emitting cars, drinking from plastic bottles.

Sperm count has dropped dramatically in the last 40 years. Just because you don’t see a reason doesn’t mean there’s not one.

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so what are you supposed to do… move to Alaska and live off the land?