Is 30+ Sets OK? Or 40+ Sets?

I’m still adding in extra reps and sets and it’s starting to get annoying and time consuming. I just think if I don’t add in extra reps and sets I won’t build muscle and strength. My workout plan says 30 sets per workout for 3 days a week but I don’t know if I should do 40+ sets per workout.

Probably not.

What qualifies you to think you know more than the experienced professional who wrote said program?

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True. It was Jason Blaha who wrote but he basically copied stronglift 5x5 and added isolation movements. I think i’ll just stick to the original amount of sets and reps. My minds telling yes but my body’s telling me no.

You just called blaha an experience professional, how does that make you feel? :joy:


“Experienced Proffessional”

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No, 40 sets even for a fairly experienced lifter is a helluva lot (I’ve been training for quite some time and rarely do much more than about 20 or so sets)…focus on intensity & moderate volume IMO.

So 30 sets is the preferred amount?

Can any of you guys recommend a 5 day 20 set per workout split

Preferred amount for what?

To build strength and muscle

I mean, what is the purpose of your workouts? General fitness, bodybuilding, strongman, etc…?

I want to build muscle and strength. It stresses me out doing 40+ sets because I don’t want to do it but I feel like have to.

If you are doing 40+ sets you won’t be maintaining any kind of Intensity through them all.

So you’re saying more weight to the bar?

I would suggest you start here:

You can build muscle and strength with relatively few sets/reps and you can build muscle and strength with a whole lot of sets/reps. There is certainly no requirement to doing 30+ or 40+ sets.

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Here’s a 3 day a week program setup by the forum director:

It’s only 25 sets.

What are your results telling you?

I’ve been set up


The gym told me to get out as I had a bleeding finger I managed to get 11 sets in total. Should I decrease my calories becuase I skipped the gym?