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Is 250mg Test Cypionate/Week Considered TRT Dosage?

Actually it was 64k lol

100mg test I can actually live on, it’s just not… great (peak at about 700-650, nadir in the low 300s)

It’s what I’d do if the apocalypse came about (I have a vial of t450 in case of emergency… stupid I know)

It’s all individualistic though

The old bill gates quote was 640K (if he even said it, who knows)

You’re right! I just looked it up. It’s a weird number to choose based on the numbers used in IT. 8,16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024…so how did he come up with 640k? I’ll have too look that one up as to why.

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I remember my Tandy T1000 having 640k of memory. Then we got some kind it IBM I think, I remember we got it at Sam’s. It had a 128MB hard drive which we eventually upgraded to 1.6GB, which was insane at the time. I remember installing windows 95 from those smaller floppy disks

640k was some sort of limit of DOS or of how memory was addressed at the time if I remember correctly. I remember still having 640k but you eventually could add more RAM that was kind of a separate thing. I’m not sure how they actually got to 640k, I figured it would be a 2^n value too.

Oh the days before iPhone’s

Just realized… 512+128=640

Dur de dur

640K - far too nerdy a discussion to get into here, but it’s not Gates’ fault and most likely not his quote. That limit came from IBM.

As to amounts of testosterone… I personally don’t know for sure what the right amount for me is yet. 200mg/wk split twice (100mg E3.5D) was too much when I tried it. Hot flashes, night sweats, generally felt like crap despite troughs being ~ 1200 TT, FT over 40. E2 was over 80. Maybe right for some, not me.

I’ve gone back to 100mg/wk for now. Will be getting fresh labs before long and reconsidering based on what I see / how I feel.

I completely agree,
I’m on 250mg per week and feeling amazing,
With no AI and my libido is through the roof,
I’ll be getting bloods ASAP and will post,

How long were you on the 200mg/week split twice weekly?

I’ll admit I didn’t stick it out 6 weeks but it was ~ 4.5. Too much negative impact on day to day living at that point - felt worse than before starting TRT by far. I’ll throw out the caveat that I can’t state with 100% certainty that it was entirely based on the T as I’ve caught more than my usual share of colds/etc this season so that MAY have played into it…but I doubt it. I may try it again, but rather than jump from 100 to 200, I’d be tempted to try to taper upward over a bit of time.

Yes, I know 200 is nothing compared to what BB take etc. I get it. I’m not worried about the amount, I’m going by what I was feeling.

I started at 220mg and had all the same stuff happen. I was also carrying more fat. Dropped to 100mg and increased 20mg increments every 2-3 months until I hit 180mg. I found that more frequent injections @ 185-200mg has me feeling amazing but on every increment there was that initial worse that pre-TRT feeling for 2 months. Also, I leaned up a bit and got under 20% body fat and that had a huge impact on how T effected me.

Good to know. I’m not obese but I’m pretty sure I’m still over 20% (23-ish is my guess). The whole T2DB / metabolic syndrome cascade isn’t helping me…that’s def a large part of why I’m doing TRT.

I can definitely feel and see changes (as can my wife) from the gym work. If anything I’m consuming more calories than I was before, but better proportioned (I’ve always been something of a sugar junkie so that’s the biggest single change) and the scale is trending downward.

Its not the dose that is supraphysiological, but the levels that dose puts you on

I don’t agree at all. I’ve tracked my bloods for 4 years on TRT starting at 100 then 150 then 180 then 200, up to 250 and back to 180 and settled on 200 Test C a week split into 2 shots. At 200 I am still within lab ranges so not Supra physiological at all, for what that’s even worth. 100 did nothing for my symptoms. Telling people who are investigating TRT that 100 is all you need is not helpful.

The odd thing is that when I was doing the 200mg, the morning wood was absurd. I get plenty of it on 100 but 200 was out of control. But when I wanted it…Meh.