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Is 250mg Test Cypionate/Week Considered TRT Dosage?

I have been on 250mg Testosterone Enanthate injections every 3 weeks, and my doctor won’t give me shots any more often…

Even though I have only been on TRT for 2 months, from what i can feel and understand, Test-E or Cypionate should be injected more often…

There is an online underground steroids marketplace out here in South Korea, and even though I don’t know if I can trust the products coming in from Hong Kong to be the real deal, I am thinking about trying this…

Is Test-E and Cypionate more or less the same thing?

And should a small dosage of an AI like Arimidex be a good addition in order to keep the side effects at bay? I have experience terrible facial swelling a few times…

I appreciate any responses!

Familiarise yourself with the law, from what I recall China is cracking down on UGL’s, general manufacturing of AAS… China isn’t knowing for being the friendliest towards citizens who break the law

Whether 250mg constitutes as a trt dose or not depends on a number of variables

  • where does it put you’re TT/FT at, if you’re at like 2500ng/dl with ft 3-4x the top of the reference range then no… it isn’t trt. If you’re at 1300 with FT slightly over (1.25-1.5x over or so)… then perhaps
  • how do you feel on said dose
  • how does it impact lipids, haematological parameters, blood work in general

If possible I’d get cardiac examinations done every year or so (echocardiogram)… if it checks out, you could extend checkups to every couple/few yrs

For most, 250mg may be a wee bit too high, 150-225mg weekly is generally the dosage statistically most (aiming for hormonal optimisation) end up on… though a select cohort does use 250mg weekly long term, some even use 300… for individuals with PAIS, they might even use 500-1000mg long term

One must also differentiate the individuals looking for hormonal optimisation and those cruising/using for enhancement. Aside from cycling gear, some like to use marginally higher dosages long term to

  • consistently look enhanced/gain muscle mass at a more rapid pace for perhaps therapeutic or aesthetic purposes
  • maintain a very large frame in which massive amounts of muscle mass reside on due to prolonged use of high dose anabolic androgenic steroids

This is called a cruise… I cruise… but I don’t cycle… however my story is irrelevant and unimportant here

The question at stake was “is 250mg weekly a trt dose”… my answer is “it can be, but typically isn’t”

He’s getting 250 every 3 weeks it sounds like

Pretty much, just a slightly longer ester. Most cannot appreciate any difference between the two, but some prefer enanthate over cypionate. I’m not sure I’ve heard from anyone who likes cypionate over enanthate.

Yes, weekly is the most common frequency.

Should not be necessary.

If intermittent, can you correlate it to anything, within a week of the injection, diet, etc.?

Small doses of Arimidex come with their own list of side effects. I would steer clear of using it if possible.

250 once a week is too much and 250 every three weeks is too little.

This is stupid, you need a new doctor, it’s as simple as that. You might as well not even be on TRT because there is little to “no benefit” on the prescribed protocol.

The half-lives are different, enanthate has a half-life of 5-6 days, cypionate 7-8 days.

You have your protocol to thank for that, the dosage is clearly too much for you in a single injection.

thank you very much for the replies, the information is truly valuable and helpful to me.

I am going to skip the AI and let my body get used to the new hormones for another month or two…

I am also going to try to convince my doctor to inject 250mg of Test-E every 2 weeks from now on.

No you need a new doctor, I imagine your facial swelling will be worse at 250 every 2 weeks than it was on 250 every 3 weeks. These protocols create estrogen dominance, the most probable cause of your facial swelling.

You are going to need multiple injections per week considering the symptoms you are already encountering.

No they don’t, and no data exists to indicate this, Alterations in water retention may be in part due to the rapid shifts in hormonal output induced by the dosage of exogenous testosterone given. Many a times on a new protocol regardless of dose water retention will initially appear… as the body re-attains homeostasis this issue resolves by itself


This^. Saw it with anabolic steroid protocols.

I had some facial swelling with 200mg/week. After splitting the dose in three it disappeared. However, I have low SHGB…

Most guys will never reach homeostasis on an every 2-3 week protocol, they will feel like garbage.

This is what @geneticoverride needs, more frequent injections to minimize/eliminate these side effects. I suspect he will have problems on the every 2 week protocol.

@BrickHead explain how 250mg is too much. I’d love to learn more about this.

@systemlord we’re back again with the estrogen dominance? Really?


Really. Really?


Likely will have most men who use that amount with Supra physiological values of both T and E. But I’m someone who believes hardly anyone needs more than 100.

@BrickHead hardly anyone needs more than 100mg. Right.

Okie dokie then.

I wish you had a shred of an idea as to how ridiculous of a statement this is. Like… Beyond ridiculous.

I actually believe this though.

You might as well believe in fairies.

Just yesterday I saw labs of a guy taking 100mg a week. His free T was 8. He will need to triple his dose, most likely.

My TRT dose is 250mg a week which brings my free T to 28. Hardly crazy numbers.

I’ve got hundreds of examples like this.

You can’t rely on the dose. You rely on the serum levels. That’s why your statement makes zero sense.

Another guy taking 300mg and his free T was 23 and still symptomatic. High SHBG.

You can not make opinions based on the dose. You can make opinions based on the OUTCOME of the dose.


You nailed it Danny, 100mg test and 640k Ram is all anyone will ever need.