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Is 200mg Test Cyp/wk Too Much?

First, thanks to all for reading my question.

Started HRT one month ago. Doctor put me on 200mg Test Cyp every two weeks. After just one week, he had me do a lab test and my “free test” went from 6.3 to 23.5. My total test went from 170 to 499. Also after the one shot, my LH dropped from 1.4 to 0.1, and my FSH dropped from 10.7 to 0.6.

Doctor says “that’s plenty”…in fact, more than his levels. I believe that test wasn’t valid because it was so soon after the initial shot of 200mg and might be a spike. It also elevated my blood pressure a bit (currently on BP meds). Side note: prior to the shots, I was on Androgel 5mg for a month with absolutely no results.

The question: I am considering going to 200mg PER WEEK, but am inexperienced in the matter. Is that too much for me just starting out on HRT?

Thanks again for your input.

Hi dhufker…

first, please read through the sticky threads as they will answer 90% of your questions and provide you with answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask.

second read through a couple of other threads to see how conversations go around here.

third, come back here and post some additional information (per the stickies) and rephrase your questions based on what you learned in the stickies.

fourth, hopefully receive some helpful advice.

welcome and good luck.

sorry, man…how do I find sticky threads?


the first seven threads under t replacement are the stickies

I appreciate it.

200 mg is too much for most people, yes. Unless you are a very large, young man, you most likely do not need 200 mg for HRT doses. Running a higher dose (but not yet “steroidal”) cycle is another matter.

Don’t worry about numbers. How do you FEEL? Are your symptoms gone? Diminished? Have any new symptoms risen? Did you tell your doctor that you think it could’ve been a spike and not a good baseline? Talk with your physician- try to communicate your fears and address questions you have. That’s what he’s there for. But go prepared. Read up and try to defend your view (if you have one) and present information that will support you. Try to expect your doctor’s answers (if different than yours) and have information that further supports you.

Good luck.