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Is 2 Months Anavar/Tren E Dangerous?

Hello everyone,
I have a doubt if it is not too risky to do the following combination:
2 Months Anavar + 2 Months Tren E
If it is 2 much time with 2 harsh compounds.

I’m 28 years. Already did separate cycles with EQ, T-Bol, Tren E, Anavar, Deca, Mast, …
I just want to do 1 strong and lean cycle because afterwards I will have to be off-cycle for at least 10 months.
So my idea is the following:

Month 1+2 (Anavar):
Anavar - 4x10mg/day
Test E - 200mg/week (1 pin/week)
Tamoxifen - 10mg/day

Month 3+4 (Trenbolone):
Tren E - (2x200)mg/week (2 pin/week)
Test C - (2x250)mg/week (2 pin/week)
Tamoxifen - 10mg/day

Next 2 weeks - Off

Next 1 month: PCT
hcg - 1000ui 5 in 5 days
tamoxifen - 10mg/day
clomid - (2x50)mg/day

Any advice regarding the specifications of the cycle or the whole combination itself?
Thank you very much,

Anavar isn’t a harsh compound like Tren is. Nothing wrong with running it for 40mg/day before your Tren cycle, although you aren’t giving your lipids much of a break.

First cycle - Don’t be lazy and pin the test at least twice a week, once a week isn’t enough. You shouldn’t need Tamoxifin with a Test dose that low and the Var should keep you nice and dry.

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thank you! But not giving my lipds much of a break aint dangerous? would it be better if I did the 2nd month just testo or only do the first 2 months 2*10mg anavar a day instead of 4x10mg a day? Assuming I would up the test dose to 2x200mg/week.