Is 2-0-2-0 a Good Tempo for Large Volume ?

2 days ago i legged pressed 1 set 345 pounds 20 reps to failure in 3 minutes ( 180 seconds ) tempo 6-0-3-0. Inspired by the 10,000 swings in 10 days kettlebell challenge i started my own today.
I have 6 months of training, mostly 1 set to failure, days 1,3,5, lower body, 2,4,6, upper body with regular gains strenght and muscles.
The plan ( challenge ) i designed is 150 reps, 5 sets of 30, legpress 180 lbs. I have nothing against KB but ignoring all about them i will not put my back at risk.
I am 54 hoping to add a little muscle ang strenght, be happy, healthy, in shape for at least 3 or more decades.
This morning i did 67 percent of my lower body WO in 20 minutes then 3.5 hours later i finished it. So far, so good.
I never did over 30 reps so any suggestion, input is very welcome.
By the way i plan to do 5 weeks of lower body a plus b on days 135 and about 20-25 minutes of upper body on days 246. If all goes well weeks 6-10 will switch main focus on upper body.

If I were 54 years old with six months of training this is not what I would do. I would focus on lifting reasonable reps on big compound movements and try to perfect my form (everyone can improve form. Then I would do some type of conditioning work depending on my current level. I think a challenge like that sets you up for injury and isn’t a great long term plan. That would be my suggestion.

edit to actually answer the question: I don’t think the tempo matters that much, just control the weight the entire time if you actually choose to do this.

Thanks but i think the legpress is not a likely source of suddent injury. If something develops overtime i will remember your warning and and adjust or drop that plan.
Form is in my own opinion critical with squats, deadlifts and the like.
I choose not to compress, load my spine. I always stretch it more with pulldowns.
My mom had 2 back surgeries so i value my back.
I can vary feet position to kind of spread the stress, i allready did.
All the best,

People don’t really train like this, c’mon, you can’t fool me, this is a joke.

In case it’s not though:

Explosive concentric and 3 second eccentric works best for me.

Thanks, i will try it for at least a few sets.

Too much analysis. Just slap some plates on and go heavy.

Do #1-21 of these, or do #22 of these:

pfft, 20 rep squats are much more fun

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
pfft, 20 rep squats are much more fun[/quote]


Thanks, i hope the squats work for you. 5 days ago i did an exception and shrugged 250 lbs and did not enjoy the spine compression i clearly felt. Being 145 lbs i avoid using over 110lbs compression on my spine. I do militairy ( shoulders ) press, and other exercises that i can compensate for by heavier pulldowns, doing abs hanging on a bar or simply hanging on a bar later in my WO.
Fisrts results are more sleep, feeling good.