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Is 19-norandrostenedione a waste of my time?

A while back I bought some 19-nor. I put on a good amount of muscle while taking it but I also really got my diet and routine in gear. So it’s hard to tell how effective it really was.Also should I worry about estrogen with this product?

Not estrogen, but an effect in causing gyno that may be a progestagenic effect. It has given gyno to quite a few users. However, if you used it before personally with no problem, you can probably get away with doing so again. If you don’t already have it on hand, I wouldn’t buy it though. I don’t think it’s a good anabolic either.

I was interested in it, early on in the Androsol project, as an ANTI-estrogen actually. It is an inhibitor of aromatase,
binding well to it but being a poor substrate. (I certainly hope no one selling the product is reading this and will now include this among their advertising claims… sigh…) We even wasted $2000
buying a kilo of it for research.

However, it was not included in Androsol for two reasons. First, we found that Androsol does not increase estrogen levels anyway, so there was no need. And second, accumulating reports of users getting gyno from it (and a lot more since then, too.) So I would not use it in a formulation even if estrogen increase were an issue with a Biotest product, as for example it would have been had we released T-17E.