Is 150 mgs/Day of Dbol Too Much?

I know it is too much. I have this friend who told me today that this is what he was doing, and I nearly fell over. I told him that I felt that this was way too much and well beyond what is considered a heavy dose of Dbol.

I believe he will listen to me and not do this. I just wanted to throw it out to you guys in hopes that you may be able to give me the information to effectively convince him that there is no reason to take so much DBOL.

Thanks in advance.

Its also going to depend where he got it from. If he got some shit, under dosed dbol, he could be getting any percentage less than the quoted mg.

Regardless, it is high, he should start at what he thinks is 30mg, and adjust from there if he chooses to use more.

problem is that he says he has done this before and that it works for him. I told him all I had ever seen was people daily dosing around 30-50 mgs. I told him that I thought there was a threshold of effectivness with all AAS and that he was way over it with DBOL. I may be incorrect in saying this, but I was just trying to change his mind.

With an AI being used, the highest I have heard of in real life was 80mg a day. A big strong bastard this guy was. I personally can’t even imagine over 40 myself. On the internets I believe I have read of people going to 100mg/day. But who really knows?

50 mg/day is widely considered the useful maximum for Dianabol. It’s also certainly my judgment on it as well.

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If 50 mg/day Dianabol is not giving satisfactory result, the answer is more of other steroids (generally more of a Class I such as trenbolone, Deca, EQ, Primobolan, or Masteron; or more testosterone; or to a lesser degree some Winstrol) rather than yet more Dianabol. Amount of Dianabol is not the limiting factor when already at 50 mg/day in divided doses.

very useful guys thank you for your time. we will see how this goes. I hope he listens