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Is 1460 a Competitive Total?


I'm new to the competitive lifting game and I have one question. Would 1460 be a competive total? (b/w 200, 17y/o)




What fed is it in? What gear are you using? How big is the meet? Competitive in your age group, or competitive overall? Etc.

Your best bet is to figure out what federation you'll be competing in and check out what the elite total for a 198 is. You might also look at Class I-IV totals. That should give you an idea.

Seeing as your squat is almost 100 lbs over your deadlift I would guess that you are lifting in an equipped fed. Well, whatever federation it may be, 1460 is a pretty impressive 1st meet total, especially for a 17 y.o. 198.

But honestly, who gives a shit if you are competitive? You've gotta start somewhere...


If thats unequipped, drug free and contest technique than that would be a great total @198.

Sq and Bp great but deadlift sucks in comparison. Which if that is unequipped makes me think the other lifts aint that good tech, unless you are lifting equipped?


well he has a back injury or its equiped.

I dont see why he would lift equiped if he isnt competeing but what do I know.


a 405 raw bench is always awesome, especially for someone whose 17.

You've got a double bodyweight bench press and a 2.5 bodyweight squat. That's good.

If you're lifting raw I can't really understand how your squat is greater than your deadlift.


yes they are, are those your lifts? Maybe some youtube vids I would like to see if you have them.


If you brought your dead up to par by getting it into the neighborhood of your squat you'd have an impressive total. What do you think is behind the near 100lb difference?


Super high squats and/or ridiculously short arms.


Probably the fact that he hasn't done a meet yet. Those numbers are meaningless.

Here's an idea. Go do a meet and then you will not have to post on the internet to find out.


I use no equipment. The main reason my DL sucks is simply that my technique sucks and I cant seem to get the hang of it. I have pretty long legs, any suggestions?


pull sumo


Pretend your doing a high squat with as much fward lean as you need to be able to reach the bar.

Are your squats paralel and bench done with your ass on the bench without anyone touching the bar?

I ask because its realy unusual to have some one bench 405 at 17 and 200lbs and not unusual at all to high squat and have some one upright row the weight off of them when they bench.


BTW you are 55lbs from the highest total I have ever seen for the 16-17 year old age group for any raw drug free powerlifting fed.

And 5lbs away from the highest pause bench I have ever seen for any raw powerlifting fed for your age group and you have the highest squat I have ever seen for that age group.

That goes for all weight classes.

If you competed in the 100% raw powerlifting fed youd take the bench, squat, and total record.


The answer to your question: YES.

1460 is a competitive total for a 198 lifter. If raw, then that total is damn near elite, according the 100% Raw guidelines.

End of story.

Even if the lifter is equipped (single-ply), it's still competitive at the local level.


thats why I wanted to see youtube link of the lifts, normally wouldn't ask but if this guys is the real deal could be something special.


Your squat's 100lbs higher than your dead, and you have long legs?


No he has lifted in a meet, for the new fed GATBPQS (Gym Association of Team Bench Press and Quarter Squats) :slight_smile:


Don't call bullshit so quick. I have made the same assumptions as you on several occassions and ended up eating my words after I saw what the guy could actually do in the gym or at a meet. His numbers are very possible.


i hold every record in that fed


He's 17 and new to lifting. We all had imbalances when we first started.

I wouldn't exactly say he's in a bad starting position.