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Is 1100mg of DHEA Too Much?

I’m 38 and about to start TRT. I’m a little worried about my DHEA dosage. Initially my DHEA was low, and my Dr had steadily increased my dosage through the past year. Right now i’m taking 1100mgs ,normal dose is 50-100 of DHEA. And she has no problem having me take more and more. But to me it seems off. My labs
DHEA- 266 (105-464)
Total T - 287 (250-1100)
Free T- 51.8 ( 35-155)
Estradiol - 10 ( under or equal to 29)
pregnenelone-99 (22-237)
She hasn’t given me my Test cyp dosage yet, I’m waiting to pick up from pharmacy. Does the DHEA dosage seem off to anybody? What should I do?

Yes, typical dose is 20-50mg a day. It does not seem your DHEA is being absorbed.

I’m guessing that she’s been raising the dose because your numbers aren’t improving that much. I’d talk to her and see if you’re taking as you should, and try to research the brand to make sure it’s a good one. But you should be seeing results on a lot less unless it’s either bunk or you can’t absorb it for some reason. That’s all I can think of…

Wow! My baseline was 220 and Dr. put me on 25mg and my levels went into the 600’s… I am now going to 15mg every night,