Is 100mg Per Week Enough?

The cost of the testosterone is cheap even if the insurance wont cover it, like 50 bucks… the visit was to a urologist that was in my network so copay only. I paid $60 for pharmaceutical grade test and arimidex 3 month supply, cant beat that.

I would go to an endo or urologist… a pcp i doubt will do it… when my pcp saw my esteadiol was high he said it was fine, but said i should go see a specialist. Lol… since all my other bloodwork was excellent he pretty much kicked me out his office because he couldnt get me going on any on going based treatment for cholesterol or anything else… im sure if my cholesterol was high he would be writing a prescription… but estrogen high… didnt want to do a thing, even with all the symptoms I have.

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Mistakenly took a bit over 100mg, been a while since I did this, took 225mg into the thigh, any case popped .25 arimidex today, no sides to note but do feel better than when I took it early this morning. I read it can lower e2 by up to 70% within 24hrs… I’m going to shoot for .25 once per week … Not sure how doc will feel, but I think I’m better off at 125mg of cyp… Seems to be a happy medium.