Is 100mg Per Week Enough?

Went to a local doctor and showed him my labs after primary refused to help me, and he got me a script for 100mg of test cyp per week and arimidex .5 mg twice a week…

My question is, should I have asked for more? Am I going to see any difference ?

Total Test 569
Reference Range: 250-1100 ng/dL

Free Test
Reference Range: 46.0-224.0 pg/mL

Lower than the average but people have had success with that dose. You should not need a regular AI with TRT, specially at that dose - unless your bloods showed the doctor you’re prone to aromatisation.

I’d skip the adex for now. It’s unlikely you will need it on that dose. I’ve used less then the Rx is for while taking 875 mg/wk test, and didn’t have any estrogen issues. I’d crash my estrogen on your protocol. I just say this as an example of why it’s not a great idea. The majority of guys shouldn’t need an AI on TRT.

100 mg/wk is a decent starting dose. If it’s not enough it can be adjusted. Patience is important to sort things out when starting. It’s also why I wouldn’t start with more than just testosterone. Figure out one variable at a time.

I think he prescribed it because my e2 was above normal at those numbers above…

Reference Range: < OR = 39 pg/mL

You have low-T because you have a metabolic problem, which increases body fat and therefore aromatase enzymes, which converts T-> E2.

A lot of guys have high estrogen and feel great, some don’t, but prescribing an AI off the bat without any known issues related to high estrogen is stupid!

Your AI dosage is stupid high!

As far as your TRT dosage, maybe you need more, maybe you need less.


yeah. your AI dose is pure insanity. my e2 sensitive is at 45 i got 0 E symptoms
no way you need this shit at 100mg. and if you do, something like 0125mg x 3 week

You don’t need an AI. Yes, 100 mg is enough. Your T is not even low normal.

You don’t need more.

It is high but if you have no symptoms it doesn’t matter. My estradiol in the past has been higher.

Only one way to find out … try it

Oh wait you went on TRT with this? Yeah your FT is low but you could try lowering SHBG some first

I can tell my estrogen is to high…mood swings, cried during movie endings, was 10 times more emotional that my recently divorced ex wife… erections not great quality, I have my moments but not like the past, even turn down woman that want to have sex with me… Not because I don’t want to, I just dont want to with them, back in the day… there was no wrong hole lol …

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You don’t need an AI. Yes, 100 mg is enough. Your T is not even low normal.

free t is on par with like a 70 yr old?

32 in waist, 5’8 175 lbs… I really don’t have much body fat left, most of it is in the belly area, veins are starting to show and bulge nicely on my arms.

With everything said, I won’t do .5 of arimidex split into 2 doses twice a week, I’ll probably do .25 once per week maybe 2-3 days post injection. I’m not sure how long after injection e2 can start to go up…

On the other side here, I do want my ability to remain fertile, I told doc I wasn’t sure, but now will need to add hcg.

I echo the concerns regarding the Adex.

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The belly fat has the highest consideration of aromatase, genes ultimately determine how much.

Lean muscular men can still have very high amounts of aromatase enzymes.

Echo too much a.i

100mg per week a good starting point imho.

Can titrate up if needed.

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Wow. You found a doc to prescribe it with a level of 569? That’s awesome. I couldn’t even get my doctor to prescribe it when I was 280 at 38yrs old.

My free which is most important is low… clinically its fine if i was a 70 year old… total also isnt that high… if i was in my 60s maybe…

Some insurance companies refuse TRT coverage 200>, so your doctors hands may have been handcuffed. Few insurance companies cover TRT 350>. If they did, these low-T clinics would disappear.