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Irv2424's Log V2


So last winter I had a log on here and it worked out really well so im back. Goals for this year are to once again improve strength and size, hopefully get to around 210 if possible.

Current #s
Weight: 190-195

DL: 395x2
Squat: 315x1
Bench: 240x1
St. Military: 140x3

A lot better than where I was at last December but still have a lot of room for improvement. DL I would like to get up to 455+, Bench 265+ and Squat 365+. Lofty Goals maybe but I am ready to put in the effort.

I am thinking about trying this new workout posted by CT last week as I like the volume and the basic exercises it uses. Just got done with WSBB for skinny bastards. I did Bill Starrs 5x5 last year and considered doing that again or a texas method but I have hope for this other one, opinions always welcome.

This past week I got all my numbers ready and plan on starting the Program Friday, right now just making sure I get in the gym and do something


On week 3, love this program but have been easing into it since I am not completely used to the volume. during week 2 I didnt do the extra DLs and squats on upper days, and on week 3 I strained my traps on tuesday so taking some time off and just resting and icing, hoping to get back into at least squats this weekend but am not sure on the recovery time. Already feeling a little better