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IRS Sucks


Okay, so my parents are old and they are both part-time self-employed to keep themselves busy and also to extend their savings. I visited them today and they were telling me about their troubles with the IRS. Their calculated taxable income was 19k. So last week they received a notice saying there were errors on their tax forms. The IRS calculated their taxable income as 11k and their tax calculated owed as EIGHTEEN THOUSAND. Hmmm... I know the government's finances are pretty shoddy right now but I don't think people should be getting taxed more than their taxable income.

So anyway my dad called the IRS and the dumb agent said that it was all according to the tax table... Even when my dad questioned her if it made sense to her that he is being told to pay more than he and my mom made for 2010, she simply responded, "That's what you owe." So my dad is going to have pay a visit to the IRS tomorrow and kick some ass in person but WHAT THE FUCK. I get it if there was a computational error but it's annoying that the issue was not squashed by calling the IRS. The agent was obviously not hearing my dad and probably assumed he was trying to weasel himself out of taxes. My parents are fucking old goddammit! They don't need to be dealing with this shit


To my knowledge, it's not possible to ever owe more in taxes than your AGI. What about other retirement income? 18K in taxes, they either make some good scratch or this is one major f-up. I'd do your research and help out in some capacity. The IRS hammer isn't age-adjusted. Hope it works out, but I feel like some major details are absent here.



Cue 35 posts from people that don't know what they are talking about:


Have them contact a CPA in their area


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I read on another thread that you can legally not pay taxes...


We should all start a Facebook group in support of your parents....millions of random strangers who blindly believe anything they hear even when important details are omitted could join it and rage against the machine...down with the IRS! It will be glorious...


Someday when I'm rich I'm going to some taxless country and becoming an ex-pat. Until then I will pay taxes.


Wait, was this on the internet? Then it must be true!!!


LOL...even better: it was on THIS website! :wink:




I'm not surprised. This is exactly what the American people voted for. Now that the tax and spend liberals are in office they are doing everything they can to milk the older population dry to pay for unnecessary and wasteful programs. These libs prey on the mentality of helplessness and confusion that the older generation has. Until they set up the health care system to euthanize our elderly they are going to suck every last dollar from them. I heard from a pretty trusted friend of mine that his old childhood friend from back home had parents that tried to challenge unfair IRS taxes and he hasn't heard from them since...


Well then, that makes it iron-clad! Screw you IRS! I'm sending you a picture of my balls on April 15, 2012. Besides, doesn't the Mayan calendar have the world ending scheduled soon afterwards?


If this isn't a joke, you are a moron.


If you think you can use your "accounting expertise" to poke holes in my theory, then by all means try. I'm not surprised, really. With all the taxes these libs suck from us, you probably get a pretty fat kickback by the IRS to maintain the status quo.


What sections of the IRC support your theory?

Answer that, and then we can talk.

LOL, yeah... That's how it works. Ya caught us Detective Colombo.


I believe a large section of the Internet Relay Chat community in Pakistan support his theory.

True story.


IRC is where all the cool kids hang out! I used to go on there all the time....met the guy who intro'd me to TN on there....He's a lurker, not a poster.


I'm fucking with you beans. In fact, I am so clueless about taxes that I had no idea what IRC meant. I can barely pay my own taxes.


I was 60% sure you were 95% joking... :wink: