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IRS Allows Tax Deduction for Obesity!

Headlines in today’s news state that obese people are permitted to deduct weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers on their taxes because obesity now is deemed a disease. What a bunch of baloney. Thoughts?

Ahh, but there is a catch. They also have to have medical proof that they have either diabetes or high blood pressure.

Did you read the WHOLE article? It states that expenses claimed must be prescribed by a physicial (I know, that’s no big check mark in the plus category), and be in excess of 7.5% of adjusted gross income, and does not include food. As for the disease thing, well, even the NAAFA isn’t too pleased with that one. But the arguement of “what is a disease,” well, that encompasses a lot of things that include mental and environmental factors. I don’t believe the obesity is a disease, but I believe it can be brought on by disease.

I think it is a good thing, the tax code is too simple as it is anyway. I wonder how much weight watchers spent on lobbying for this one?

What a crock. I guess it makes sense if one thinks that doing so will save money on the lard-buckets’ consumption of subsidized medical services at a later date, but I highly doubt that will be the case. To me, it just lessens the penalty for making the lifestyle choices that got them obese to begin with (and no, I didn’t want to start another debate thread on “nature v. nurture re: Obese people”).

Reminds me of the Simpsons episode in which Homer gets even fatter on purpose because he can work at home if he weighs over 300 pounds. Oh man, how would you like to have trouble cleaning yourself and have to wear a moo moo?

What I want to know is: where’s the tax break for the skinny fucks? If I’m “morbidly skinny”, does that mean that I can deduct the costs of my gym membership/supps/etc.?

i remember that episode. that was hilarious. - “instead of using bread for a sandwhich, use pop tarts” a great bulking tip for any t-man. LOL! back to the tax thing though, i wonder if i can claim bodybuilding as a disease. i remember somebody posted a link on the forum a while back that was claiming that the urge to build muscle is an unhealthy disease and that it was sort of like the opposite of anorexia (i think the article refered to it as “bigorexia”)and parents should watch their kids closely and make sure they don’t become too involved in, god forbid, building a great physique. anyone remember that article? maybe we can use that to convince the government and then we can write all of our supplements off on our taxes because we can’t help it. it is part of our disease.

Yeah I remember that article. Haha…wish I bookmarked it.

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Do any of you know about the following? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield for my medical insurance. In some states where BCBS is located at, you can actually get cash back for a gym membership. I know that the BCBS of Massachusetts has this available. The name of this option escapes me. My previous employer’s home office was in MA. and so, this option was available to me. I got back the max. amount of 150. I know they are not the only insurance carrier that provides this. I suggest y'all check into this - it's not a huge amount of , but it’s nice for beer money. he he he.