Irritation of Pec Caused by Benching

Hey guys i am sry for my bad english, i am from germany.
well i hope to find some help her because the german docs are pretty unexperienced with BB specific problems so i can’t get any help there, even though the german forums are not the best…
ok my problem is, that actually i always get in irritation of the tendon of the pectoralis when i increase the weights in the benchpress. but it’S not a benchpress specific problem it’s more a problem of all chest exercices :frowning:

some years ago i could use heavier weights without getting that irritation, thats kind of frustrating…
i don’t know why but my left shoulder is hanging down a bit, this is also the site where i get the irritation, maybe the inner rotators are stronger then the infraspinatus?
could it help to train this muscle?
i would be very grateful for some ideas!

here a picture of the shoulder imbalance:

When you say, “all chest exercises” what exercises do you do for the chest? This matters.

And, yes, there is the possibility that your pec minor/major, serratus, and subscapularis are over dominant. Go through the archives here and research exercises for the following:

infraspinatus - external rotation strength

teres minor - external rotation strength

mid traps - scapular retraction

rhomboids major/minor - scapular retraction

lower traps - scapular depression

Like most young guys, it’s probably a safe bet that you push more than you pull (and your user id tells me you love to bench). You’ll need to pull at least twice as much as you push.

Also learn to pull the scaps together and push them down when benching.

And don’t forget to perform SMR on the pec minor. Also stretch the pec minor/major. They’re most likely overactive.