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Irritating Roommates


Warning: This is a rant post!

So, after reading today's Atomic Dog I am more pissed off by my roommate than normal.
The guy is premed with a very good GPA.

But he doesn't do shit. Ever.

He's so smart he hardly needs to study and instead of spending his free time doing something productive like getting a job, going to the gym, or building up his resume doing research or whatever, he sits in the room and watches videos on his computer all day.

What a waste.

I on the other hand, have to actually study hard to do well in my premed studies. I work my fucking ass off, and I often have to make sacrifices like declining social opportunities or skipping workouts (a necessary evil at times) so I can spend the day in the library. I work myself into the ground to get to my goal, and he sits around watching cartoons like he's five years old.

It just pisses me off that he doesn't use his abilities the way he really should.

If I were a strict utilitarian, I'd euthanize this human leech.

Thank the good Lord I'll be rooming with a fellow T-man next year.

rant over


Sucks to be you nerd.


We won't be rooming in a couple weeks anyway. It's just that reading today's Atomic Dog sort of highlighted his wasteful behavior and it kind of ticked me off.


If his goal is to get into medical school and he has the GPA and MCAT score to do that, how is he not living up to his current potential (using his abilities like he should).

Now if he doesn't get into med school you may have a point. But you just sound like an illogical fool. It seems like he knows he smart and is smart enough to realize that he doesn't have to do anything extra, when that extra stuff won't provide anything beneficial. Doing something extra may provide some benefits, but from your post it doesn't sound like it.

At least you aren't complaining that he smells...



what happened to mind your own business?

I mean sounds like your married to the guy,
you want to marry him?


The quicker you realize the only thing that matters in life is the end result the better off you will be.


You should kill him. In his sleep. You would be doing him a favor.


The end result is what matters, you're right.
But getting into med school is not all about the grades. They REALLY like extracurricular stuff. I never said I didn't think he'd get in somewhere, it's just that he could easily do more so he could get in to a better place.

Maddy: Our school put us in a tiny one-room studio "apartment", with one more guy, and we're kind of invariably in each others faces all the time. It's sort of like cramming three people into a closet.


I've got a buddy like that. He has always made a 4.0 for as long as I've known him. He just makes sure he goes to every class and then never has to study. He just smokes pot, snorts coke, gets drunk, fucks women and plays in a band.

I'm not irritated by it, I'm just jealous of his intelligence lol


Um.. im sorta like that. I never work, caus i know if i study hard i might get 5% more, when compared to a lot of other people they'd get like 20-40% more. For me its alright to slack LOL.


Jealous much?


So what? It sounds like you actually envy this waste of humanity.
Be happy by the fact you have to work hard to achieve your goal!
After all, these kind of people never really succeed in life, they only give the false appearance of success. If you scratch deep enough below the surface you'll see the real deal about them: nothingness.


Ok guy, good thread. What business is it of yours how someone else spends their time?

You sound jealous. Stop that shit.


I'm a bit like him, although I do workout, so.......................... :smiley: HA!


So basically.

1) You're envious.

Thats about it.

What's with this hatred for anyone who isn't you're average Joe Boggs.

OK, so he your flat mate doesn't go to the gym, he might not "use his abilities" like you think he should but who are YOU to say anything? As long as he isn't deterring you from your work or harming anyone else by watching these cartoons why the heck should you care?


This is bullshit. Those kinds of people never succeed? I didn't study half as much as other people in my pre-med classes but did well enough to tutor some of them in the same classes we were all taking. I spent my extra time hanging around the music hall (I wrote songs recorded them and was looking for a record deal at the time) and then in the gym. To anyone standing outside with your point of view, I guess I would have looked like a meathead who liked music but somehow did well on the exams.

Like anything else, what you see superficially is very rarely the entire story.

I did have to study, just like I am sure the op's roommate does. I just retain information well so what might take one person over a week to get ready for, I could cram two night ahead of time and that was plenty for me to not be stressed before the exam. I also studied in the music hall often instead of the Science Building so most people wouldn't have known I did at all.

In ten years, all that will matter is who got into med school and became a doctor...not who watched more cartoons and who lifted more weights.

The OP is right in that med/dental schools do look closely at extracurricular activities, but this is more important the further you are away from perfect scores.

Bottom line, stop worrying about what someone else does with their gifts...especially when that person is apparently doing just fine acting the way they are.

This would only be a topic if his roommate was failing out of school...and then the question would still be "why the fuck do you care?"


everyone has a different take on reality

not everyone finds pleasure in the same things, and if the dude has the gpa to sit around and do nothing then he has obviously earned the right to do so
the school year is over anyway man, dont worry about it

The Immortal


Wait until you're out of high school.

What you're doing may work for you now. It might not once you're in uni.


Naa actually im already in a big program, and i see the decline and when i see it i push it up. Middle school i was getting a bit above average with no work, elementary i was topping with no work, and right now in an accelerated program for 2 cources im getting below average and for 2 im getting above average (one of them being a 90). Lifes good lifes good.