Irritated Nipples: Uh-Oh or Ok?

What up playas!?

I’m on my first cycle, did second inject today and all is going well! I’d like to think I’m feeling something, but could just be placebo effect. Whatever the fuck it is… I like!

My nips are starting to get irritated though. My dealer told me not to worry because my shit (omnadren, running 500/week for 10) is potent and it’s the body’s natural response to such high levels of test. I’d like to believe him because he’s a good friend and has done many cycles but hasn’t ever experienced this.

So, is this a gyno onset, or is it just my body doing it’s thing? I have nolva on hand, but didn’t think to get more than just needed for PCT. Granted, it’s not that big of a deal, I can get more fairly easily come time for when I need my PCT

2nd pin and the nips are already irritated? Are you running an AI. Get an AI if you don’t already have one on hand. People develop gyno at different rates. Some guys get it by just looking at the vial others can run a cycle and not feel anything. Please, don’t take cycle advice from your dealer. Its your body’s reaction to high levels of exogenous testosterone being converted to estrogen and the estrogen exerting its wrath on certain estrogen receptor sites. Its all a bad situation. Get an AI, and research and draft a sound PCT asap as the SERM taper is like a plastic knife in a gun fight, IMO. cheers.

I had the same kind of reaction my first few days in and got on some A-dex at .25mg eod after some good advice from these guys on this forum and everything is smooth sailing now.

Mine often feel like they are mega hard when on cycle but it usually passes once teh adex starts, and it’s never been unbearbale.

I also have seen my ariolas fairly disproportionate to each other… Again very temporary but freaked me out the first time.

Thanks fellas, running some nolva now so all should be good.

I gotta say, being on is amazing. I’m a happy dude who’s even happier when i hit the gym and happiest when i get to do my girl daily :slight_smile:

such a hard life right now. lol

OP, BBB is right the nolva is merely your battering ram in the fight against gyno you need the AI in conjuction to win the battle.

You might consider frontloading your AI when you get it to get blood level up quickly. If Adex, go with 1ml on first use and then 0.25 EOD and adjust as necessary.

By the way, it is normal for some nipple changes to occur such as bigger areoles. What you have to look out for is sore nipples or worse yet tissue buildup beneath the nipple.