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Irritated, Need Helo

So I went and got a blood test done from my primary, and my test came back at a 145… I was then reffered to an endo, and when he tested it, it came back at 320, and refused to give me a script of test unless I was under 300… im like 20 above.

So beisides lack of sleep, drinking beer… What OTC stuff can I take that will drop my levels?

I can get my hands on Helladrol (either by itself or this play I get it has a full stack for 200 bux that has forma stanzol and all that) not sure if the whole stack is needed for what im trying to do.

I can also get some Dbol, and run that alone with some liver support and cycle support just for my liver.

I need to SHUT MYSELF DOWN. and Need to figure out how I can do that.

Any help? Im sick of being at the low end of the scale. I want my test levels in the 900-1000’s Not 150-300. Especially at 27.

Bottom line, if I run Dbol or Hdrol will it shut me down hard? if not what will get the job done? and shit… while im at it, I might as well try and bulk up a bit from the cycle.

Id be willing to pin something also, my buddy can get test300 I think? Not sure what that will do for me. I need to get on HRT or find a doctor thats willing to work with me. 320 is not acceptable test levels. I want to get to the other end of “normal”, and I wanna do it legaly, though a script, and pharmaceutical grade stuff. (I have crohns and take meds that kill my immune system, so Im scared of getting anything from a UGL, but honestly im gettin so fed up that im about ready to risk it. "

Ugh im seriously going depressive.
Fuck doctors, Fuck low test, fuck crohns disease. I need so god damn help. Id love to meet a trainer by me that knows all about test, Igf1, incline, HGH, hCG, and all that other shit to help me get back to where I was before the fucking disease.

Ill go suicidal if I cant get this shit under control and get my hands on some test. Fuck me.

Calm down, and go to another doctor. 320 is 80 year old man level. What you are talking about doing is crazy.

[quote]methos0123 wrote:
Calm down, and go to another doctor. 320 is 80 year old man level. What you are talking about doing is crazy. [/quote]

Well yeah, I am going crazy thats for sure, Iv been sick, almost died last november from crohns, im a skinny little fuck now. My dick doesnt work, yeah… im going crazy.

I want to get on test NOW. lol

So 320 so technically qualify me to get on TRT? I wonder why this doctor told me I would have to be under 200 and he would write and script.

So annoying. My next endo that I was refered to cant see me till the middle of Jan. and thats just too long to wait, especially if this next guy doesnt work out either, then I gotta wait even longer…

Does anyone remember the name of this website like testosteroneusa or something liek that, they have an office in LA and help people like us. SOmeone mentiond it in one of my posts a while back (Maybe on another site) and I cant remember the name.

It depends on the doctor. Some believe anything “in range” is OK and won’t prescribe. A good doctor will be much more open minded. Mine tested at 560 (though previous tests were <400) and my doctor still allowed me to start TRT without hesitation. He believes (as do I), that for best quality of life the goal should be “normal for a 30 year old” not “above min for an 80 year old”. Just find a better doctor and be done with it!

Do you want your nuts to shrink to pre puberty size and become infertile ?

Why don’t you test your LH and FSH to see if low dose clomid will work for you. Young guys often can reach the upper range on 12.5 mg per day or less.

So hard to find a good doc these days in terms of TRT.

If you want the sure thing and you don’t want to go UGL, just google anti aging clinics in your area.
You’ll pay more, but you’ll get legit products and support. After you are dialed in, you can approach
a new doc and ask if he can treat you as you already are on TRT.

Freddy, how long does the shinkage take to get to prepubertal size? I’ve been on for about 3 months and haven’t noticed that much shrinkage, if any.

I’m a clomid and HCG user so I don’t know how long it takes. I heard they can shrink to half size in a documentary. A lot of guys complain about shrinkage here after less than 3 months.

well that is good to know…since I haven’t (knock on wood) noticed any yet. (:

I think at this point you want to find out why your t is low and correct that issue first instead of adding testosterone. You may not get what your looking for. In my case, my doc never ran baseline blood work other than total t. My t was low from estrogen dominance. 100 mg per week cypionate could only get me to 325 and the water weight, depression, got worse weekly.

Tested e2 and found I was in excess of 100. Endo prescribed arimidex and my t shot up over 500 points fast. My life changed with arimidex. Looking back, I may have never needed cypionate. Treating my estrogen probably would have done the job for me. Hind sight is always 20/20.