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Irregular Female Fat Storage

Two of the female clients at the gym I work at seem to store bodyfat like men. One is 5’6" 170lbs the other 5’7" 165. They have both been trainig seriously for nearly a year. Both have gained a significant amount of lean mass and both have dropped a respectable amount of bodyfat, however both are maintaining their man-like torso bodyfat. Both have extremely lean legs and arms…they both even have nice asses but they seem to balloon just above the belly button. Their diets are not perfect but respectable by t-mag standards. One believes she has syndrome X diabetes and this is the reason??? Has anyone ever had this problem or helped a client succesfully defeat this problem?

I can’t give you an answer about the Diabetes thing. But maybe your client should consult a doctor? But about the fat storage thing: not all women store fat “like women” (or whatever). My midsection is the area most likely to store fat, while my legs (and yes, butt) stay nice and lean.

It's that whole "individual" thing: some people store fat mostly in the ab region, others hips and thighs, etc.

Depending on your clients' BF%, maybe should consider Meltdown Training (if BF% is above 14%), 5x5 (below 14%) - and what are you having them do diet-wise? Oops, I should also ask, what are they doing routine-wise?