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Irrational Fears


What everyday things freak you out?

I'm fucking terrified by frogs and toads.


My woman is deathly afraid of cotton being pulled apart. Can't get to the first pill of aspirin without assistance. Weird shit.


People and the ocean


Being in a car going really fast when I'm not behind the wheel freaks me out. I literally whiteknuckle it and watch the road as intently as I do when I'm driving. Even something like 50 or 60 in a 25 or 35 mph zone kinda freaks me out. Which is kinda weird since I love speed. When I go mt biking I go as fast as possible and have had some nasty crashes as a result that keep setting my training back. When I go snowboarding I don't even go in the park; I just bomb it in a straight line down the mountain as fast as I possibly can.

I'm also totally freaked out about the possibility of banging a chick who forgot to remove her RAPEAXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from her pussy.

But what really freaks me out is the possibility of meeting Count Rockula in person, only to find out that he's 5'6", about a buck ten, is a ginger and has a love for the Care Bears and My Little Pony. That would be more traumatic to me than finding out that Raymond Burr was gay.


I think its that sound cotton makes when you rub iy between your fingers. I can't stand that either.

Maybe not though


Being chased by someone holding a worm.

I can bait a hook without a problem, but as soon as someone grabs a worm and threatens to chase me around with it I freak the fuck out and crawl up into the fetal position.

I have also been known to freak myself out by diving into a pool and being completely convinced someone opened a trap door and a shark is going to swim out and eat me. I read somewhere that Christina Ricci has the same fear; so at least I have that going for me.


These are both valid.

People are unpredictable.

Oceans, predators and that whole no air thing.


Space... I have a very difficult time looking up into space and enjoying what i see, because in reality i know there is an infinite amount of nothingness uncomprehendingly far away and that trips me out. And those pretty little stars are fucking huge balls of flames. I would probably die and/or pass out if someone took me into space.


I remember seeing a show about some russians or germans that had been stranded in the middle of the ocean for like 2 days because their ship sank. They were getting eaten by sharks the entire time. Everytime someone started bleeding they would push that person away from the group and isolate them. Imagine that feeling? All alone knowing that you are bleeding and a shark is definitely on it's way to ending your life. Yeah i think i'll stay away from the ocean as well




That my coffee table will escape


Moths, all things that flutter frantically really. I don't like flappy, flowy shit.
HAAA all my awesome alliterations add 10 cool points to myself and my post.


I'm not really afraid of anything. There are things I don't like, but it's not because I'm afraid, I just get no pleasure out of them.

I do however, hate clowns. They do freak me out. I'm not afraid, I just... okay they are freaking weird and I hate them.


Ever since watching jeepers creepers in 4th grade or so I cant sleep with my feet uncovered


My mother is deathly afraid of pigeons...

I have a weird fear of getting my collarbone ripped out of my body...if someone touches or I accidentally touch it I get really nauseous.


I am deadly afraid of nuns.


Snakes creep me the fuck out...

I always use to get static shocked in my gym so im always cautious before i pick up a dumb bell.... :frowning:


Fear is useless.


It's true, Nuns feed off your fear.


Deep water.