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The US Government telling the world that they are not interested in the oil and then citing Saddam for a terrorist act when they accuse him of mining the oil wells [of which they have no actual proof].

Personally I’m starting to think we should just lock George and Saddam in a room and let the fight it oput with koosh balls and water pistols

In more interesting news
Tua or Rachman?

Tua of course

So I assume you like the idea of paying $2.00 and up for a gallon of gas?

Well maybe since you’re from New Zealand, you might not get the effects as much as here in North America. But let me put it this way, we get oil from Canada too, why don’t we invade Canada? We get oil from Mexico…why not invade them too? If our only motivating factor is oil then why the hell aren’t we attacking other countries that give us oil?

Tua, Tua, Tua!!
Will we see ‘The Bump’ again?

Dude, the whole thing is about oil…and we need their oil! Plain and simple, this whole thing is about taking over another country’s natural resource. Do you know why France won’t go along with any of this? Because they own the majority of the oil rights in Iraq! Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about right or wrong with any of this…just give me cheap gas prices and I could care less if we have to nuke them to get it. Nuff said.

Um, I think the whole ecological disaster thing that occurred in the last gulf war is the cause of the concern by our government. There’s no reason why Saddam wouldn’t do that again.

And one more thing, why must our government present proof for everything they find? You said there is no proof that Saddam has rigged the oil-wells with explosives. Do our intelligence groups have to present documents for everything they find to the people. I'm not saying that we shouldn't question our government or leadership, but I think people don't give our leaders the benefit of the doubt as much as they should.

Not pointing fingers at anyone specifically on this board, but I hate when the people continue to question the motives or proof behind the actions of our government. I think people would be amazed if there were more trust placed on our leaders. They were elected for a reason, let them do their damn job. And for the last time, the war has nothing to do with oil.

Come on now Iscariot – that’s a bit thin.

Aside from what Dustin pointed out about the ecological disaster that igniting the oil fields would entail, the logic doesn’t hold. Just substitute some other parties in your scenario and you’ll see what I mean.

For example, imagine that the Germans had a problem with the French, and threatened to invade. Further, (this is the outlandish part) imagine the French did not immediately surrender, but instead threatened to burn the Louvre if the Germans came in. If the Germans complained that this violated the rules of war, that would not necessarily imply the Germans had been set to go in to France simply to rob the Louvre of the Mona Lisa and its sundry other treasures. In fact, it wouldn’t even imply that the Germans had the looting of the Louvre as a goal of any sort.

Obviously that’s not exactly the same situation, but it’s illustrative of the point. There are many reasons other than the desire to own the oil that the U.S. would protest the Iraqis blowing up the oil fields.

I’ll try this again. Context people, context. Boston, you disappoint me, we’ve talked about context and semantics.

[1] Look at the title; Irony, not The mean old US is a bad bunch of Hypocrites.

[2] You’re kidding me if you think the US is complaining about the ecological effects of the oil fields being mined but that’s not the point.

[3] If you can’t appreciate the irony of the US calling the Iraqis terrorists for mining their own oilfields in the face of being invaded then I don’t know WHAT you’d consider ironic.

Christ people, forget about the politics for a moment, forget about the self-righteous crap from every side. just look at the situation and laugh.

I have to chime in on this… DAMM I hate that we just can’t getting into some people heads!! I was listing to Bill O’Reilly today on the radio and he had a guest on today I forgot his name but he did say some intreasting thing…

I can’t recall everything that he said word for word but he felt that france, germany, and russia are not telling the econmical reason and its not to protect the people of Iraq but thats what they want the world to think that they are doing protecting Iraqi people… When they are out there for there own self intrest…

Tua…and George

“We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it”

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

You’re right – it is ironic. I was in far too serious a mood this morning.

Now, as to the fight that has a chance of being close and lasting longer than one round, I’d say Tua will take him – especially if he keeps up with the Biotest training regimen.

Did any of you catch their first fight (Tua/Rahman not Bush/Saddam)? That was the best damn fight I’ve ever seen. They threw more punches than any heavyweight fight in history. If this one is half as good, I don’t give a shit who wins.

You will NEVER know all the facts. You know what they want you to know.

OK…So who said it’s not about oil???lol!

Oil Jumps, Confidence in Swift War Fades
Monday March 24, 10:22 am ET
By Richard Mably

LONDON (Reuters) - World oil prices bounced back strongly on Monday from four-month lows as U.S.-led forces met heavy resistance in the campaign in Iraq, dashing hopes for a quick end to the war.

…Despite resistance, U.S. and British forces tightened their grip at the weekend on Iraq’s southern Rumaila oilfields and exporting terminals and began to assess how to restart exports…