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IronOne's Strength Journey



135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 215x5, 235x5, 255x5, 200x5x5 (1m rest)
-with- Wallbugs and Bird Dogs

BWx10, 20x10, 50x10, 60x10+BWx10

No hip pain. Crisp reps.



Warmup with too much stuff + PT

Incline DB Bench
40x10, 60x10, 70x2x10

Low Incline DB Bench

Low Incline 5s eccentric w/pause

Did light Rear Lat Raises in between sets of DB Bench

Chest Supported DBs Row

Leaning Lateral
10x20, 15x20, 20x12, 20x12+10x20

KB Skull Crusher (awesome)
18x50, 26x50, 44x2x20
KB Double Arm Concentration Curl
18x50, 26x50, 44x2x20

Good workout. Chaos pushups are awesome. Def going to keep them in for shoulder health. Hip is doing well. Still funky, but progress is being made. I think I’m going to try some squats Sat or Sun.

Some pics


11/10/2018 - Track + stuff

Roll, walk 2 laps

6x200 repeats
Worked up to 90% @ 33s on 4th pass. Gassed after that so took outer lane to finish for 2x200 @ 70%.

5x20 each side lateral shuffles, bc we typically only work in frontal plane.

2x5 slow eccentric on Bulgarian Split Squats with hip flexor pause and stretch at bottom (steffi Cohen explains on her last vid on mark bells channel)

About to start 5/3/1. Incoming long post.


5/3/1 Cycle 1: 5s Pro + FSL 5x5

Purposefully setting super low TMs to continue healing my broken body. The beauty of 5/3/1 is I’ll be able to test some rep maxes during 7th week protocol and my anchor cycle.

Training Maxes
Squat: 165
Bench Press: 190
Deadlift: 235
Press: 105

Day 1: Squat
Warmup: Quick roll, thoracic ext, dislocates, elev plank, BSS Stretch, jumps
Squat: 5s Pro, FSL 5x5
Assistance: DB OHP, Curls, Plank Series

Day 2: Bench Press
Warmup: Quick roll, BPAP/Ext, DD/Cobra walk, Glute Bridge, Throws
Bench Press: 5s Pro, FSL 5x5
Assistance: KB Ext, Chest Sup DB Row, BSS

Day 3: Deadlift
Warmup: Quick roll, Banded Shoulders, Birddogs, Band Hip Walks, jumps
Deadlift: 5s Pro, FSL 5x5
Assistance: Banded Pushups, Rear Delt Raise, Ab Wheel

Day 4: OHP
Warmup: Quick roll, BPAP/Ext, bear walks/cobra, throws
OHP: 5s Pro, FSL 5x5
Assistance: Low Inc DB BP, Pullups, KB Swing

Plan to do 2 leaders and 1 anchor with this setup (3 cycles). Assistance will go 50, 75, then 100 reps during anchor. I will perform 7th week deload for a TM test.

That’s it for now.


11/11/2018 - C1W1D1

45, 45, 75, 95, 105x5, 125x5, 140x5, 105x5x5

Single Arm DB Press
40x10, 15, 15, 10
EZ Curls
65x10, 15, 15, 10
Plank Series x 4

Squats felt pretty good! Took some vids, going to have my sports PT guy take a look. I’ll be able to fly through these workouts.


If i tried to do that my hips and knees would die. If I try to sit “indian style” or “butterfly stretch”, i’m done with. It’s instant wreckage.

I’ve hurt myself bad (a few times) trying to do “movements I wish I could do” (slow progressions etc). Now I just try not to do anything out of the norm. I even avoid stretching now. heh. It might catch up with me eventually, but so far the verdict is that I feel way better now that I don’t stretch and don’t do any mobility stuff. It’s kind of crazy how much better I feel without any of that stuff.

I’m not advising against it, just briefly spewing my experience with that stuff.



I don’t know if it was helping or hurting me but I felt more sore and tender when I stretched and foam rolled my problem spots more often. It’s like the constant attention kept the tissue inflamed.

I’m sure there’s a balance but I tend to either be focused or forgetful. That results in the all or nothing approach. I really need to find that “some” approach.


I think stretching is one level deeper, or like 1 step More advanced than we initially think about.

Indian style is a tough position for me. Groin/crotch and inner thighs are tight and painful. Butterfly stretch, to stretch the groin/ adductors Seems like the answer. In reality, it’s the glutes and external rotators and muscles outside of my hips causing the problem. They are tight, they are pulling my legs out and twisting them into external rotation. All day. In every position and movement.

My groin is tight because it’s being pulled apart all day. I lack internal hip rotation not because the groin/adductors are tight and need to be stretched. But because my side-ass is so tight it’s limiting the motion of my hip joints. The sore stuff isn’t causing the impingment. The tight stuff is pulling me into the impingment.

Stretching the already stretched and painful tissue is wrong. Addressing the cause is right. I just found out about the glutes medius, so now it’s my main focus.


Each of you have some good nuggets there we could all use, that’s for sure.

Stretching/mobility is a double edge sword. @JMaier31 I’m much like you. Go crazy with it when I’m hurt, often making things worse, or dont do it at all. Not good!!

@adarqui funny you talk about Indian style. I cant even come close, was showing my wife how pathetic it was the other day. I actually asked my pt today about it, Indian style, and he said he wasn’t surprised and that’s what he would expect with my limitations. Sucks!

@FlatsFarmer you’re figuring it out! Let me know when you’re 100% :wink:


Ok, I made it 2 workouts on 5/3/1, and I quit, again. I want to love the system, but I hate it. I hate percentage based programs. I cant comply with the base exercises completely yet (bench did not go well today on right shoulder). So I’m going to put something together again on my own with a progression system and built in training maxes. More along the lines of 10-15 rep sets for awhile. Going to try to build some muscle with the exercises I can do pain free. Not going to try to ram a square peg in a round hole. Going to leave reps in the tank. Going to push maybe 1 week per month, but other weeks build work capacity and work in higher rep ranges. First priority is to get healthy again.


Day 1
DB Low Inc Bench

Day 2

Day 3

Will figure out the specifics later.


I tried 5/3/1 but it’s just not for me. I hate PR sets. I even had anxiety going into workouts/sets. I just don’t like doing AMRAP sets on the big movements.

Bodybuilding workouts allow me to have much more freedom. The weight and reps aren’t important. I train by feel and it’s stress free.

For my strength work I’ll be sticking to things like SGSS where I accumulate volume with submax weights. No missed reps. No stress.

I’m liking the Daily Dose so far. I found myself wanting to go downstairs to squat and deadlift tonight even though I already did my workout.


This is funny I love the system, I love the way it’s build around one lift each day, and then it’s only one set, And I love the little thrill going in, knowing that on a good day I have the opportunity to set a new PR, on the other hand if it’s a bad day or more likely a normal day it’s okay if I only hit the 5, 3 or 1 rep on the last set.

@JMaier31 mentioned CT’s SGSS program wich I’m following right now.
Take a look at it, it’s four days a week, but you could just make it a bit longer and go for 3 days a week.

I started with two weeks beforehand to dial in the weights and did a week of 12 reps and a week of 10 reps.
You could do a week of 15 reps, 2 weeks of 12 and 2 weeks of 10 reps before going into the program as written, that is if you would do a heck of a lot of reps.


Alright, this is so easy it’s stupid.

We’re stuck in APT. All our squats, deadlifts and running are done in ATP. Hip flexion is a problem for us, but with the pelvis tilted we’re always in hip flexion. Any squat/dead then just takes us further into flexion. All our hip exercises are done in APT, so their effectiveness is limited.

Everybody else can flex their abs and drive their feet into the ground to go into posterior or maybe neutral pelvic tilt. Whichever it is, it’s “good” and ATP is bad. When a normal person Braces then squats or hinges, they automatically start by getting into the right pelvic tilt. Before the brace. That’s why everyone else can just hinge down like this.

When you’re stuck in APT, you don’t understand how to get good pelvic tilt first. So you brace on top of a tilted pelvis, which braces you into APT. So it looks like this.

Everyone else can lay on the floor and just touch their lower back to the floor to come out of APT and into “good” tilt without thinking about it. In good tilt, their hip rehab exercises work. But we’re stuck in “bad” tilt. So even on the floor we stay in APT with constant tight hip flexion. And the hip rehab exercises simply re enforce the “bad” hip position. And bad hip/leg motion.

So we have to get to know our pelvis.


The “top” of your pelvis in the “front” is/are the iliac crest. The “top” of the “back” of your pelvis is the Posterior Superior Iliad Spine.


You could finger these “pelvic landmarks” like this.

If you put your thumbs on your iliac crest, and your fingertips on your Posterior Superior Iliac Spine, you could “feel” where your pelvis is. It might look like this.


Now, if you laid on the ground with your thumbs on your iliac crest and your fingertips on your posterior superior Iliad spine, you could focus on your pelvis. Instead of pushing your lower back to the floor you could Push your posterior superior iliac spine into your fingertips. You could actively lower the “back” of the “top” of your pelvis towards the floor. You could feel it with your finger tips. If you thought about pushing the top of the back of your pelvis to the floor you could move into “good” pelvic tilt. If you pushed your posterior superior iliac spine into your finger tips, towards the ground you could tilt your pelvis into good position. Out of APT and into neutral and posterior pelvic tilt.


Now, if you know where the top of the back of your pelvis is. And how to push it towards the floor to get into proper pelvic tilt. You wouldn’t have to worry about pushing your lower back to the floor. You would know how to push your posterior superior iliac spine towards the floor to really, really tilt your pelvis.

Then, pelvic tilt exercises could work.

You wouldn’t need a towel under your back, because you would have your fingers under the top of the back of your pelvis.

Once you understood how to move into “good” pelvic tilt by pushing the top of the back of your pelvis down, you could actively hold this position/tilt while you did hip rehab exercises.

If you kept your back on the floor, and your pelvis in good tilt you could use your thumbs on your iliac crest and your fingertips on your posterior superior iliac spine to make sure your pelvis stayed square and still. Not moving. Then when you did hip rehab, you could hold your pelvis still, in proper tilt while your thigh bone moved around, independent of your pelvis. Proper hip function! Your rehab moves would work awesome.


Now we are familiar with our pelvis and how to feel ourselves up. We understand how to get into good pelvic tilt laying flat on the ground. Now we can do this stuff.


I can relate :d

I “hate” programs, which is kinda weird because i’m a programmer. lmfao.

Once I write down a specific program, i’m wrecked: absolutely impossible for me to follow it. Instead, I do better at writing down goals with general timelines and such. I don’t like recipes for cooking, or training, I prefer to just go by “feel”.

I like your top priority, health #1



@FlatsFarmer Position is so important! Add weight on the wrong position, and trouble begins. It might not show up for awhile, but it’s building. Good stuff.

@adarqui I’m much the same. I like to have goals and framework, but beyond that no thanks!


Warmed up with foam rolling, Copenhagen planks, prone swimmers, long lunges with stretch

45x10, 65x5, 85x5, 105x5, 130x5, 110x5x5

135x5, 175x5, 205x5, 245x5, 265x5, 205x5x5

BWx10, 20, 10, 10
Leaning lateral 15x2x20
Rear Delt Raise 10x2x20

My goal is to track 10, 8, 5 and 3RM top sets. The main goal is to not work at RPE10. 7-8 is optimum, with the occasional 9. Backoff work will progress slowly, but surely. Stress free volume.