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IronOne's Strength Journey


He doesn’t think exercising has anything to do with it. I was brutally honest with him too. It may, or it may not. There’s really no way to tell.

I fit the category perfectly for a Vagal Affibber. Young, (extreme?) exerciser and very symptomatic with a controlled rate. The odd thing about me is I stay in afib for 3-4 days. Most only afib for minutes, or a few hours at most. There’s no rule though, everyone’s a special snowflake with this ailment. Everyone has different triggers.

This last episode started at 10PM (just like my last) after a very long work day of presentations I’d been preparing for for 2 months in front of my CEO/CFO/Legal/M&A/etc etc. Stress and sleep deprivation along with 4 beers that night sent me into it probably. Not exercise. I had not worked out for 2 days.

I’m going to get the catheter ablation procedure done because I live a stressful life, and that’s not changing. I will work on improving my ability to manage it (have been working in it for months) but the stress is not going away. If stress is going to kick me into afib every time, I may as well quit my job, and that ain’t happening. I love it and it provides me with more than I deserve. My electrophysist says I’m a prime candidate for a successful procedure. And if I can live a life without meds or restrictions, I’m going for it. The success rate is all across the board, a d really depends on the persons case and the skill of the Dr. I feel confident I have a good one. He’s the lead at the largest heart center in Charlotte, NC. Done 100s of ablations.

So in discussions with my wife on if we want to wait and see if this was just a 2 time thing (rare) or go ahead with the procedure. Cant really lose either way. I’m not going to drop dead (says dr. Haha).

Have a stress test and echocardiogram this coming Tuesday to make sure there’s no underlying abnormalities.

Anyways, living as normal for now!


Thanks man. Many have it much worse, I’ll be just fine :slight_smile:


Well fuck. That sucks. Hope it all works out.


Good news in a bad situation. All is well :+1:


For fucks sake Mate, that’s bad news.
Glad to hear you’re all right and that you can live with it.
Keep up the positive mind and spirit.


Thankfully you’re close to great medical care/resources. I hope they get you sorted out soon.

I know you said it wasn’t exercise induced, but just to be safe I’m going to avoid Turkish get ups.


They may have caused my afib, but I got some sick traps to show for it :joy:

Thanks brother



S&S 29

Single Arm Swing
62x5x10 - 4:56

62x5x1 - 6:53

Standard Swing




45x2x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 185x5, 195x5, 205x5, 215x5, 220x5, 185x10, 9, 8
Standing Single Arm Band Rows
Lots of sets

Goblet Squats
18x10, 26x10, 44x10, 62x10, 80x3x10


I hope that catheter ablation works out for.


Thanks. Had a stress-echo today, results were good. So heart is in good working order, just need to get this electrical crap figured out.



S&S 30

Single Arm Swing

62x5x1 (did an extra transition from lying on ground to sitting up bell over head for each rep, except did 5 of these on last rep, which was also a tempo rep… That last rep took probably 1:30 each side, and was really damn brutal).

Single Arm OH Press
26x11, 44x3x11
Single Arm OH Lunge

KB Curl
26x30, 44x2x12, 44x6x5 (10s rest)