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IronOne's Strength Journey


They’re doing pretty good, but am squatting light weight! I’ve moved my stance in some, so I think that’s helping. Thanks for asking.


6/6/2018 - Mass Made Simple - Workout 2

Prone blackburns, band shoulder work, KB swings and goblet squats, pushups

Bench Press
45x2x5, 95x5, 135x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x2+3+5 (2 sets)

25x10x5s holds

Bird Dogs
2 sets of 30s holds

Complex (3 reps)
45, 65, 85, 85, 85


Workout 2 in books. Nothing was overly difficult, but I will say the last 10 reps of set 2 on squats were a bit hard, as rubber leg ensued. Hips and shoulder ok, but not perfect. Monitoring some hip shift to the left. I hate my stupid body for all this bs it does Haha.



6/7/2018 - Recharge
Hip circle work, banded shoulder work, goblet squats, swings, bottoms up kb presses, etc

6/8/2018 - Rest
Quick hip circle and band work (mob), Cut grass, Barbell Curl - 45x105

Heading to gym now for workout 3, mass made simple.


6/9/2018 - Mass Made Simple - Workout 3

Hip circle work and band work, goblet squats and swings

Bench Press
45x2x5, 95x2x5, 135x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x2+3+5 (3 sets, 30 reps)

Bat Wings
25x10x5s holds

Single Arm KB OH Press
10kg x 5, 14kg x 5, 50lbs x 2+3+5 (3 sets, 30 reps)

Bird Dog
3 sets of 30s holds

BB Complex (row, clean, front squat, oh press, back squat, good morning)
85x5 (2 sets)

95x30, 115x30

I better get stronger real quick on squats to make 205x50. Miracles exist, my daughter has a unicorn party tomorrow.


I’m already realizing things/learning things through this new program:

  1. I was lifting in too high intensity, too often.
  2. Reps with squats do me good (and make me sore af!!!). My hips and legs feel much better. Im sure the low intensity is helping, but I have a feeling my body needed this to grow and strengthen the muscles. I dont think what I was doing was working anymore. I was stale, stuck.
  3. I was doing too much shit.
  4. Complexes are fun, and really hard.
  5. More is not necessarily better.
  6. I was not recovering. AT ALL. Scary shit.
  7. I will not be programming for myself anytime soon.
  8. I’m pretty disappointed for what Ive done to myself over the past few years. Repeated abuse without stopping the cycles. I should have known better.

That’s it for now. 205x50!


Always learning brother. Glad you found something that is working for you!


<-- Huge fan of high rep work. Nothing made me feel better (regarding lifting) than high rep squats. Legs felt bionic after months of high frequency + high rep work.

Getting more reps in accelerates the “skill” element as well.

And ya, low/mod intensity work is great. One thing I usually find is, if I don’t “force” high intensity sessions, and instead focus more on lower/moderate intensity, I often just know when to throw in the high intensity session: body ends up feeling really good and you can tell it’s a day where you can really push. Forcing high intensity sessions too often can really end up working against you, that’s for sure.

205x50 dope. If you can hit that, your legs will be STRONG & CONDITIONED. I think 50 is a good range. 100 is a bit psychotic. 50 is definitely do-able without tearing you down. I’ve done 30-50’s alot with half squats (pin or free), felt great in that range. Wanted to go higher but just didn’t do it much (did 60-70’s before but only a few times). So in my experience, trying to hit 100 was more of a tear-down mission. The money range IMHO is 20-30, just because you can go a bit heavier. But 30-50 seems solid for building extra fitness as well.

I used to call this “high rep nation” lool. HRN.



Yeah anything above 8 for me is relatively unchartered territory. Ive done 20s before, think most ever was 235x20? But this is totally different. I’m actually training FOR it, which is a great change of pace for my stubborn ass.

115x30 was surprisingly not terrible yesterday. The second set of 95 last week was worse, so I’m def starting to get better conditioned for reps. I was terribly sore after workout 2 95x2x30. So sore that I was still sore when I started workout 3 95x30 and 115x30. Today though, just a hint of soreness. Maybe worse tomorrow? Workout 4 on Tuesday is 115x3x25.

It’s nice to be having fun again too.

Oh, my song of choice for 115x30 was Dire Straits - Money for Nothing haha

All I know is my body feels the best today than in has in a long while.


The initial soreness from high rep squatting can be so intense, but ya i’ve experienced the same - adapt fast to it.

Also that’s GREAT that you typed:

I mean that’s a really good thing… Maybe this style of lifting will do great things for you. I say keep at it, but obviously progress slowly - don’t get greedy. High rep squatting is like an old formula that comes around every once in a while then disappears, but it never makes sense to me that it disappears, other than it can be pretty grueling - even for light weights.

All I know is, I loved squatting, so one day I said, why don’t I just squat more often, which lead to squatting more reps more often, and eventually lead to my peak vert & legs feeling absolutely bionic. Loved it.

I’m kind of doing the same thing now with running… I love running, so why not do more of it? As long as it’s on grass, should be good. High mileage on roads would scare me at this point. Love running on grass though, it’s like a top secret technique that’s only existed before roads/shoes/etc were invented… hah.

Great stuff man!



6/10 - Rest

6/11 - Recharge
Stick dislocates, hip circle walks/shuffles, band facepulls, kb swings, kb single arm bottoms up presses, kb goblet squats

BB Curl - 45x3x50


6/12/2018 - Mass Made Simple - Workout 4 - 203.8lbs

Hip circle, shoulder band work, kb swings, kb goblet squats, kb bottoms up presses

Bench Press
45x2x5, 95x2x5, 135x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 235x2+3+5 (2 sets), 225x8

Bat Wings
25x5x10s holds

Single Arm DB Press
25x5, 45x3, 50x2+3+5 (2 sets)

Bird Dog
3 sets of 30s holds

BB Complex (row, clean, front squat, oh press, back squat, good morning)
85x5 (3 sets)

Back Squat

Really happy with today’s workout. Shoulder was a bit tight, but its def improving. Hip feels great! Was worried I might not get all the reps with 235, but no got it pretty comfortably. Backed 20 reps with 235 up with a solid set of 8 with 225. Will be interesting to see how my legs feel tomorrow. The pump was painful. Wow. Last set was hard, but certainly manageable. Really having fun.


6/14/2018 - Mass Made Simple - Workout 5 - 203.2lbs

Hip circle, banded shoulders, dislocates, swings, bottoms up kb presses, goblet squats

Bench Press
45x2x5, 95x2x5, 135x5, 165x5, 195x5, 215x3, 235x2+3+5 (3 sets, 30 reps)

Bat Wings
35x5x5s holds

Standing Single Arm DB OHP
25x3, 45x3, 50x2+3+5 (3 sets)

Bird Dogs
3x30s holds

BB Complex (row, clean, front squat, oh press, back squat, good morning)
85x5 (3 sets)

95x30, 115x30, 135x30

Had to head out of town for business, so this was done 1 day early. Really happy with the bench press strength and endurance to get all those reps. Had concerns coming in but was able to get them all in good form. Squats are getting…interesting. That last set hurt. Lungs were gone and the pump was stupid. Got them all though, and…no pain. This program is based around the squats, but it’s doing something special for my bench…interesting. Need to focus on eating more. PBJs incoming.


6/15 - Rest

6/16 - Recharge

Dislocates, band shoulder stuff, hip circle stuff, kb swings, kb bottoms up presses, kb goblet squats

BB Curl - 45x110

Tomorrow is the first ‘to fifty’ squat workout. Pretty excited for that.


6/17/2018 - Mass Made Simple - Workout 6 - 203.2 lbs (weight fail)

Hip circle and band shoulders, kb swings, bottoms up presses and goblet squats

Bench Press
45x2x5, 95x2x5, 135x5, 165x5, 195x5, 215x3, 235x2+3+5+4, 235x2+3+4 (2 sets) (total of 32 reps @ 235)

Bat Wings
40x5x5s holds

Single Arm DB Press
50x2+3+5 (3 sets)

Bird Dogs
3x30s holds

BB Complex (row, clean, front squat, oh press, back squat, good morning)
45x5, 85x5 (2 sets), 95x5 (3 sets)

95x10, 115x10, 135x50 just keep squatting, just keep squatting, and don’t pass out


So, lots to write up here. First off, I’m not doing my part in eating properly. I’m going to fail this program misrably if I do not get this fixed now. Second, im really happy with this performance today, given I’ve been out of town on business, out of my normal routine, sleeping poorly and drinking more than normal (not drunk though, but enough to negatively affect sleep). I could have squeezed a rep here or there on the bench sets, but it would have been grinders so I played it smart and cut the set when it got slow. Still, 32 reps at 235 is 2 more than last time. I think I’ve chosen the right bench weight, I’m just not eating for the gains. This will be addressed. Holy shit the complexes today were lots of reps/sets and I bumped the weight too. Got through that just pouring sweat wondering how the fuck 135x50 was going to happen. I had kind of mentally settled for 135x30, 135x20 to get the 50, but once I got to 30, I figured I’d stop at 40, but when I got to 40, I was going to finish the shit. Reps got hard, but lungs were the real challenge. I’m proud of myself. That’s a PR for sure lol.


F******* awesome Iron.

Well done Mate :slight_smile:



Just pounded a 1.5lb steak and potato + asparagus :slight_smile:

Really going to focus on getting food down. Not going to be real picky either. I need to be 210 pretty quickly if I’m going to finish this program with the results I want.


Just remember don’t overeat :slight_smile:
Going to have a look at that program.
The only thing is the high rep squats, they really sucks :slight_smile:
If you do 50 with 205 that’s really something.
When should that happen?


It’s been a great change of pace from what I was doing previously, which is what I needed and was going after.
High rep squats in this manner are totally brutal and new to me. I’m a firm believer that we all need to broaden our training horizons time to time, but like many I get stuck in a ‘one way’ approach.

205x50 is supposed to happen on workout 14, I’m on workout 7. So 3 weeks. It’s a big ask. But, it’s more endurance than strength. Rep 50 of 135 went fast, but I had no oxygen.


What is you 1RM for squat btw?


Hell I have no clue. 350? Health is my limiting factor.

About 10 years ago I squatted 475.