Ironmind Squat-Dip-Chin Program?

Hey Could You by any chance describe this Iron Mind “Squat-dip-chin” program have been looking for it for ages cant find the protocol anywhere.

The program is in the name. You squat, dip and chin. Get a dipping belt and a loading pin so you can add weight to the dips and chins.

Yeah, but were there any specific Programing?Rep schem or program template? Or was it just the exercise selection.

Kind Regards

There is no specific programming, no. It’s squatting, dipping and chins. If you’d like a specific program for that which is Ironmind approved, grab “Super Squats”, do dips for the pressing movements, do chins for the pulling movement, do the outlined squatting protocol, and do Radar chest pulls after the squats (assuming you have no means to do pull overs)