Ironmind Squat Belt

Has anyone here ever used the squat belt from Ironmind? I am thinking about picking one up - is it worth the money? How does it compare to doing regular squats?

I think there was a review of this in “Things We Like” in a very early issue. I know there was a T-mag article on this. i also considered getting one as an addition to, not a replace for, regular squats, so I did some research on it. Basically, if you have a bad back that prevents you from doing squats, it’s a good thing to have. If you can do squats, it’s nice to have. My back can handle squats so I ultimately decided against buying one.

Hey thanks for the tip I found it. Personally because I am tall and proportionally speaking its nearly impossible for me to do a squat without rounding my back I thought it would be a good option. Thanks Again

I’ve never used Ironmind’s, but my training partner hurt his lower back pretty severely last summer and couldn’t squat (he had a hard time sitting or standing for long)so we set up something with a safetey harnass. We attached a chain for between the legs and hooked it to a loading pin, and stood on a rack we made with 4"x4"'s and plywood. It was awesome! More focus on quad strength, but a great alternative. When Shawn first tried to squat after rehabing his back, he got 475 easily- close to his PR.

I recently purchased the belt from ironmind. I am over 6’ tall and found it to be comfortable. It does take a little getting used to because you have to get the proper adjustment for the bar. In my own experience I do them near a power rack so I can use the rack to hold onto for support.

Hey, we have our own T-Jack reports right here. I’ll see if I can do this post without the grammar errors like in my last one.


I’ve read about tall guys having problems with squatting. One solution that tall guys have used with some success is to switch to front squats. A good device to help make the front squat more comfortable is the Sting Ray. I recently purchased one based on another “Things We Like” that gave it a favorable review. It really does make front squats more comfortable. This could be another option for you. It’s very easy to use and setting it up takes no time at all. I’ve read some comments that the Ironmind belt can be a bit cumbersome to set up.

BTW - I front squat for the sake of front squatting. I’m short, stocky, and basically built for squatting. I front squat way less than I back squat. Conversely, I’ve heard that tall guys can front squat about the same, if not more, than they back squat.

Hope this helps.


Every product that I have ever purchased from Iron Mind has been of very high quality! I own the squat belt that you have posted about, and it is an impressive piece!

I have the hip belt squat and I do like it. It only gets uncomfortable with a very heavy weight attached to it, because the belt like digs into your skin and feels like it is causing stretch marks in the hip area. BUt I use it for lighter weight and to pump my legs up with blood. It is also versatile to use for weighted chins and dips, and I can also do donkey calf raises with it has well.

I have one and never really got into it. It is very awkward to say the least. I rather use an x-vest (they go up to 80lbs) now and then hold onto some dumbbells for resistance if necessary. Front squats are also another alternative.

Mike Mahler

I don’t know about the hip belt but i have the stingray and find it no good for anyone with big delts to front squat with.It does’nt fit and the edges dig in the shoulders pretty hard.Regular fronts feel better.If thet made a larger size stingray it may be a good piece of equipment.

Well just on a personal note, I guess you could say I have over developed quads when compared to my hamstrings.
I would rather stay away from something that will nail “half” of my leg so hard.

One of the reasons I wanted to get the ironmind belt was because my work out area at home is limited and I need to scale it down a bit. Which means getting rid of my weirder bench that has a squat area but takes up a lot of room. And of course the other reason like I stated before it’s damn impossible for me to squat without looking like a hunchback by the time I hit bottom.

another option is a trap-bar deadlift bar. Turns the deadlift into more of a squatting type motion.

Mike Mahler

If you hunch down in a squat, kick your stance out a bit, point your toes out, and push your knees out during the descent and keep them that way on the way up. This will allow your upper body to stay more upright.