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Ironmind Hip Belt


Does anyone have the Super Squats Hip Belt from Ironmind and if so, what do you think of it? Thanks.


Look, ma! No hands!


I bought one a while ago and used it for a while. The quality is very very good. I hardly ever use it though. It's just that I sort of missed the bar on my back......


I heard it was geeat, but a real bitch to get out of.


I've had one since I was 19 (I'm 35 now). I love mine. I use it usually when I am working on a big deadlift and I want to save my back while still hitting quads hard.

Stand with heels on 25's, set bar about 3" below crotch, sit on bar off-center (otherwise-OUCH!) to get in/out.

Works great, just takes a little tweaking/getting use to. A real teardrop (medialis) hitter.


its been my experiance that everything ive gotten from ironmind was real high quality, and built to last. I will prob invest in one the next time i have an upper body injury, but let us know how you like it.


Oddly enough there was a question earlier today about this very topic in the over 35 forum. In terms of quality the Iron Mind belt can't be beat; I have had mine for over 3 years now. When I first hurt my lower back I used it twice a week for about 4 months in place of front/back squats, but now that my lower back is better I rarely do hip belt squat, saving it for only when my spine needs a break from heavy loading. However I also have been using the Iron Mind hip squat belt for sled drags (tire/plywood sled) for a couple years now and the thing seems indestructible.

It isn't that difficult to get on and off but is somewhat awkward at first trying to balance the weight between your legs. Definitely a quality product that has its time and place in a training toolbox but it is far from a staple (Although as a belt for sled dragging and rehabbing LB pain it has been extremely valuable).


I've had mine roughly 5 or 6 years. Overall it is a great product, but now looking @ it; I'd say a good dip belt w/ a good strong & heavy chain an carabiner would suffice just as good.

I tried w/ a 7 foot bar @ 1st, it was to long, so I tried w/ a 5 foot bar, still awkward. Trying to balance the weight w/o one side dropping down.

My prefered method is w/ a loaded loding pin; eliminating the awkwardness of balancing a loaded bar.
All the weight sits below you, only bad part of the loading pin is if your short you lose alot of range of motion. I stand on two squat boxes above the loading pin an lift off from there. This way gives me plenty of room to "SQUAT" down.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the responses. I'm basically looking for something to really hit my quads, and I just haven't been thrilled with doing front squats. And I like the fact that there are other uses for it such as weight pull ups. This may be the way to go.


Well, my Hip Belt came today. Definitely a quality product. Did a few test runs and so far I really like it. I used an EZ curl bar (I finally have a use for that think). Not awkward at all. Will post an update after I do a more serious workout with it.


Hey guys, can you do full squats with this belt, or do you have to stand on a pair of boxes/plates?

My lower back has been giving me some grief lately and I don't want to stop squatting...


The problem with this is that the chain will dig into your legs and it will hurt like a motherfucker.


Had one for over a year. Love it. Best used with an EZ curl bar or loading pin. Best investment I've made outside of my power rack.


Any input re: full squats?