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[quote]vin_mancini wrote:
I never said that I was puny. I said that if I had the choice between the two… I’d take the puny polite guy :o)

Sorry if this is considered hijacking, but I’ve never come across a forum with so many people flaming newcomers. Then again, I’ve never been part of an aas related forum. I honestly wish that I could reach through my computer monitor and slap some of these people.[/quote]

No no no no, I meant that the person you quoted is puny! The ladyboy on the treadmill that is…

I wasn’t making any reference or personal attack on you.

Aaaahhhhh! Sorry, my mistake. I figured I must have read it wrong. I didn’t think it was an attack, not at all… I thought it was some kind of joke but I couldn’t figure out what you meant. It’s almost 1am here and I’m tired. Forgive my incompetence :oP

I thought that treadmill guy looked kinda pathetic too. I would have expected some big jacked mofo to be making remarks like that… not the ‘ladyboy’ we see there ;o)

Hahahaha!! That really made me smile, MS ;o)