Ironhorse Mobius Usage?

Anyone have experience with the Ironhorse Mobius from PDA ?

If so, how does it compare to a typical commercial lat/row machine in terms of smoothness?

I have an Elitefts 2x2 rack and am interested in adding a hi/low pulley setup for assistance/pre-hab exercises. The Mobius seemed like a good way to use existing space in and around my rack. I’ve been using jump bands for some assistance work, but am now looking for more variety…and don’t really want a bulky lat/row or hi/low pulley machine.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


I love the idea, Gets a little pricy when you add everything you want, but its not overpriced at all.

No idea. I know they make quality equipment.

It looks like it would be pretty easy to make on your own. I would rig it with a piece of PVC over your safty pin so the rope or strap can move freely. The PVC would rotate on the pin. I would either cut the PVC so it barey fits between the rack posts or use some collars so it doesn’t slide side to side.

just my thought. This is what I would do if I didn’t already have a lat PD machine.

I might rig this to do rope climbers. It should slide a little better than trying to do them on a chin up bar.