Why do you have an 85% day and a 95% day? I can’t find this in westside methodologies I know on Dynamic Squat day you use progression that starts at 12 sets of 2 of 50% and weeks late ends at 60% for 6 sets of 2. on dynamic bench you just work with 10 sets of 3 of 60% until you have a new max. On max squat, you max out on a core exercise (is this when you use 8-5-4-3-2-1? of are you doing 3 lifts at 90% or above. And incidentally, why not just max out 3 times, why this 90% stuff?). And on max bench day you use another core exercise. I just can’t find 85% and 95% days, or as you said, “light” and “heavy” days.

Not everything you read in the mag is the only way. I was specifically helping out some young trainees build there base program. I guarantee you could visit my old high school and find that most 14-18 yr old kids are stronger, more powerfull, faster and more explosive than 99.9% of all gym trainees. I believe certain people need to build there base in core lifts especially powercleans. If you feel the need to go with the west side methods go for it! You might want to try reading complete conditioning for football written by mike arthur and bryan baily. oh by the way my first 3 years of training I used that split as of hundreds of others I created some pretty powerfull stats at seventeen before I torn my knee in a game my junior year, I squated 455, Benched 325 , Powercleaned 275, Deadlifted 535 All by using those methods, My arms were also friggin huge without doing a single curl , and for your info take a look at the collegiate football players they are strong, big quick and powerfull and guess what many use light heavy days and don’t train arms. Check out scott frost who hang cleaned 375 lbs as a QB and now is the starting safety for the Jets, Talk about power and tradition, Before there were even strength coachs NEBRASKas boyd epley was the first person to hold the title strength and conditioning coach, they have also produced more professionals than alott of other schools. Son you need to finish algebra before you move on to calculus. Build your base 1st!

could you explain, irondoc? Sorry about the questions.

I don’t know what you mean by an 85% and 95% day. On max effort day you attempt to beat your old max. You attempt on the average about three attempts at 90% of you max including max effort attempts.