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What was the dave tate westside barbell routine you used for bench/chest to go from 2 reps of 225 to 285 in 16 weeks. I would like to do it.

I followed their program, in a nutshell. Monday was the speed day. I started at 135 for 3 reps of 8 sets. I followed that by 3- 6 sets of triceps, varying exercises, and repschemes. Higher reps of 10-12, lower sets, lower reps for the higher set ranges. I use st. bar exts., db exts off the floor and the bench. Off the floor i let the dbs rest to break up the concentric and eccentric chains. I also used the cgbp for reps and max effort day, but not the same week.
Lat exercises were some supported row, db row, lat pull to chest for the same rep and set range.
Delt exercises were lat raises, front raises, seated db power cleans, and mp presss lockouts from above the head with my back supported. Sets and reps were 3-4 varying rep schemes from 6-12.
I tried to be done in app. 45-60 minutes with the total work sets from 18-26.

On max effort day I used the cgbp, floor press, app. 4" lockout and incline for max effort exercises. I attempted 3 90% and up lifts each week, rotating the exercises every two weeks. I did the same assistance also on max effort days.
Keep good nutritional practices, protein etc., post worout carbs. This was also done post ART. I couldn’t lift without it. Read everything by Louie and Dave Tate, also get Supertraining by Siff and Verkoshansky. It’s available from Elite Fitness Systems. Louie’s tapes are kind of primitive but very helpful. Also read up on chains and bands. they do work.
Hope this helps.