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Irondoc....few more questions

In your first response, you said “I attempted 3 90% and up lifts each week, rotating core exercises every 2 weeks.” In your recent response, you said, “I’m not having you attempt three lifts at 90%”—which one?-or am I missing something? Thyen you talk about light days of 85% and heavy days of 95%. Westside doesn’t use 85% or 95%, unless you are maxing out on a core lift, and even then you do 3 lifts at 90% or more, but you say to just go ahead and max out using 8-5-4-3-2-1. Something else I don’t get is you say “YOur 95% should be very difficult but not forced repetions, when that becomes easy in 2 to 3 weeks test for a new max, and then your percentages change on 85% day. YOu sue the same formultaa except you end at 85% max, not sets to failure on this day! And don’t go over 85%. YOu will be maxing more than every 8 weeks progably every 2 or 3 weeks.”
Maxing on what? the rotating core exercises or bench? Westside doesn’t say to max out on bench (but yes, they do say to on rotating core) that often–are you using some different program? Did you do legs to or did you just useit on bench and not do legs?