Irondevil Metcon for Muscle Log

Gonna re-think going 4 days in a row after that leg session. The lunge to goblet squat superset made things very interesting for the B block.

Sled Push 2 minutes with 165 on the 100 lb sled

Lunge - 2 x 5 with 35 lb DB’s
Goblet Squat ROM - 2 x 15 w. 55 lb DB
Sled Drag - 2 x 1 min+ w. 165 on the 100 lb sled

DB RDL Tempo - 2 x 5 w. 70 lb DB’s
Slider Eccentric Curl (5 seconds out) 2 x 10
KB Swing - 2 x 1 min w. 52 lb KB

Did a Zercher Carry for 2 minutes because legs were a little toasty.
RFESS Stretch - 1 min each leg

WOW!! I hope the surge kicks in soon :joy: :joy: :joy:


Took yesterday off now I have to train after our football game Saturday.
Day 3 - Pull

Farmer Carry 2 Minutes with 70 lb KB’s

1A - Muscle Snatch - 2 x 5 @ 80 lbs
2A - Snatch Grip Shrug Hold 20-30 sec @ 80 then DB Shrugs 2 x 15, 65 lb DB’s
3A - Farmer Carry - 2 x 1min @ 60 lb KB’s

1B - Pendley Row - 2 x 5 (3/0/0/0) @ 155
2B - Incline Raise - 2 x 5/5/5 @ 15 lb
3B - Zercher Carry - 2 x 1 min @ 100lb

Hang - 2 x 1 min
Iso Chin Up - 1 x 1 min (left a minute on the table, grip was cooked)
Finishing with 3 sets of 20 - Captains of Crush #coaching-forums:jim-wendler-5-3-1-coaching
Total Time - 24:50


I love captain of crush myself, as well as wrist rollers. Both of which I do at every workout. I even like captain of crush as an activation before the workout and it clues me about the state of my nervous system since grip strength is the first thing affecter by central fatigue.

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@Christian_Thibaudeau @Tim_Patterson I can’t thank you guys enough for putting this challange together. The structure was easy to follow and didn’t take a lot of time to fit into my crazy days. I absolutely incorporated a few of the exercises into my team training. The Surge was awesome. Combined with the training, I don’t think my arms and traps have been this defined since i was in college. I will order it again, especially for my son who is looking to be a college kicker. I look forward to doing this again on my own.
Paul Kolody