Irondevil Metcon for Muscle Log

So fired up to be a part of this group. Three pillars in my weight room are Commitment, Consistency and Discipline. I look forward to upholding these for me and for my athletes.

You’ll sure need those pillars in the upcoming weeks, you will be tested! Don’t hesitate to ask me questions so that I can help you. Tag me so that I’m sure to see your questions.

Official Start:
53 Years Old
13% BF
Feeling my age recently. This is exactly what I need.


Here we go. Day 1 after a long weekend in Pittsburgh moving my daughter out of college!!

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Coach, how long should each workout be? I am starting with the lower end percentages and today was 24 minutes. Yesterday was 26 because the overhead carries were so F____ing hard for me!!.

That’s pretty fast. Normally around 35-40 minutes. If psychologically it messes you up to workout only for 25 minutes you may add one round to the complexes.

That’s what I thought. I was smoked after. I have a large weight room so I set everything up ahead of time and take minimal rest in the transition. Will enjoy the off day today!

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I’ll add some weight for round 2.

Always a good plan. I chug the Surge, spend 20 minutes doing setup/mobility, then hit the workout fast. Use my rest times to clean up, so I can get to work on time lol. Way to work smarter, not harder friend!

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Soon as my groups are done, I get my setup dialed in. It’s usually later in the day so I have incentive to push through the workout. Feeling good today and looking forward to tomorrow.

That’s great though, although you might want to pace yourself a bit more and add weight.

1 week down. Loved the backyard work day. Kept my weights at the higher level and even added reps on thedeadlift. It was a sweaty 9 rounds. Looking forward to week 2. Feel really good so far. Both knees have significant wear and the jello shots in March have helped a little. No worries this week and this morning they are feeling better than ever :muscle: :muscle:


good Start to Week 2 @Christian_Thibaudeau

Bench Warm-up sets @ 95/8, 135/5
Military Warm-up @ 95/5 x 2

a - 15 lb DB’s - had to bring them to the rack once for about 15 seconds. didn’t stop walking
b1 - 2 x 5 @ 115
b2 - 2 x 15 @ 15 lb
b3 - 2 x 1min. - switched to 15lb KB’s. Like the offset handles better

c1 - 2 x 5(3/0/0/0) @ 155
c2 - Push-up 2 x 15
c3 - Bear Crawl, 1/2 forward, 1/2 backward

d - had to put feet down 4 times
e - 2 min w. 15 lb db’s

total time was 22:15


Did you notice an improvement compared to week 1?

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After my second bout of Covid in late June, the inflammation was beating my knees up just doing my job. I have to say that I feel better with the volume and intensity of what we are doing. I didn’t get on the Tanita yet this week but I will let you know. At 53 I am just fired up about how I feel :muscle::muscle:


Leg Day Week 2:

Squat Warm-up - 185 x 5 (squat to a box)

Squat - 2 x 5 @ 235
Banded Leg Extension 2 x 15
Sled Drag - 2 x 50 yards w. 105 lb on the sled

1 Min Change Over:

DB RDL 2 x 5 (3/0/0/0) w. 80 lb DB’s
Slider Bridge & Curl with 5 second Eccentric - 2 x 15
KB Swing w. 61 lb 2 x 1 min

Wall Sit for 2 Min

Iso Split Squat fired my knees up a little so did 5 sets of 10 second hold each leg

Total time 26 min.


Day 1 - Week 3
Bench Warm-up sets @ 95/8, 135/5
Military Warm-up @ 95/5 x 2

a - 15 lb KB’s No Stops!!
b1 - 2 x 5 @ 120
b2 - 2 x 15 @ 15 lb
b3 - 2 x 1min. - 15lb KB’s.

c1 - 2 x 5(3/0/0/0) @ 160
c2 - Push-up 2 x 15
c3 - Bear Crawl, 1/2 forward, 1/2 backward

d - had to put feet down only 3 times - win from last week
e - 2 min w. 15 lb db’s

total time was 27:20
Much slower than last week. Did increase weights a little. Had to do the hard work day yesterday because of a funeral on Saturday. That may have messed with my energy level. Either way felt good with the higher weights.


It absolutely had an impact, mostly through central fatigue. Workouts that are using such long sets/complexes are a lot more affected by central fatigue than low reps stuff with plenty of rest.


Week 3 Leg Day

Squat Warm-up, Only 1 set to conserve - 185 x 5

Squat - 2 x 5 @ 255
Banded Leg Extensions - 2 x 20
Backward Sled Drag - 2 x 60 yards w. 125 on sled

1:30 Change Over

DB RDL - 2 x 5 w. 80’s (3/0/0/0)
Slider Bridge & Curl - 2 x 15 (5/0/0/0)
KB Swing - 2 x 1:00 w. 60 lb bell (got 40 on first set, 42 on second)

Wall sit for 2 Minutes

Split Squat Iso Hold 2 x 30 sec R leg, 4 x 15 sec with Left

Total time was 30 min, 7 sec. Four minutes slower that last week. Didn’t feel slower but that’s how it goes. The sled felt really good today, may have picked up the pace a little. So much better on the swings this week. Going to increase to 70’s next week.


@Christian_Thibaudeau A little late on my post. The turn was tough but satisfying. Started this week on Tuesday because of the weekend and will go 4 straight days.
Day 1 - Week 4

Decline Bench Warm up - 2 x 5 @ 135
Military Warm-up - 1 x 5 @ 115

Overhead Walk - 15 lb DB’s - 2 min no drop
Military - 2 x 5 @ 125 (went up 5 lbs from last week)
Lat Raise - 2 x 15 @ 15 lbs
OH Walk - 2 x 1min w. 15 lb KB’s

Decline Bench with tempo - 2 x 5 @ 165 (up 5 lbs from last week)
DB Bench with ROM - 2 x 15 @ 45 lb
Burpees w. Push-ups on handles - 2 x 1 min

2 Min Iso Hold - feet down 3 times (stopped clock each time)
2 Min DB Hold - 2 Min w. 20 lb

Total Time - 24:45

Gotta say that I feel great, even with the faster time. I look different in my clothes since the start. Love the feel with the Surge. Looking forward to the last 3 weeks and beyond! And, Yes, for our Wednesday accessory, football lift, the kids love the iso DB walks at 90 degrees. Even added curls as they get to the end of the turf each trip!!