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Ironclad Training Log

This log is to help keep me accountable to my training. In 9 weeks i will be a dad to my first child, my boy, and how training will go its hard to say. Im already implementing some grease the groove type stuff and have other ideas moving forward. Training is important to me for many reasons…hence starting this log. Next post will outline my grease the groove stuff.

Sat apr 13/19
3 eggs, sweet potato, sauerkraut, apple sauce, coffee, and whole milk.
Upper body:
Wide grip pullups 5x5
Face pull + rear delt raise 3x10-12
Barbell row 4x10
Bench press 5x5
Incline pushups 50 reps
Curls + overhead tricep ext. + side raise 3x10-12

Just a simple upper body day this morning. 2 major pulling movements, 2 major pushing movements and a few extras. Its been about 2 months since i trained regularly and i feel out of shape. But my numbers will be going up, i know that for sure.

But as far as grease the groove and overall training goes…my plan for training is to have 2 big sessions on the weekend, either full body or upper/lower. During the week i want to do the grease the groove method on pullups, pushups, and some arms. My gym is in my bsmt, and my pullup bar is in the laundry room down there. I do laundry pretty much daily, so theres your chins. Pushups are easy enough to throw in too at almost any time of the day…except at the job site i guess. As far as arms go…my upper arms are a weak point for me and oddly enough my forearms are a very strong point. I want to bring up both. So i have a small tricep bar set up so that i can do some hammer curls and tricep extensions for a couple sets a day whenever i walk past it. I also have a gripper in my kitchen so that i can get in some reps with that too.

The purpose is to help up the overall volume on my upper body, and to help keep me active and in shape. As mentioned, my wife is very pregnant. We are trying to walk a couple times a week still, and we plan to continue that after our boy is born. We are both active people, and we both love to lift. With my work schedule, i feel like this way of training will be the most maintainable for the time being.

Apr 14 sunday morning lower
Breakfast was just some leftovers thrown together. G.f. pasta with some beef, eggs and broccoli.

My training session was kinda sucky this morning.

Zercher squat x 8 sets of 3-5 (did not feel good)
Rdl meadows style x 6 sets of 8-10 (felt great)
Sissy squats x 3 sets
Ab wheel x 2 sets

Yesterday and today as well my “conditioning” was splitting fire wood.

Apr 16
Wound up having a day off work so…extra training
Db flys (10 reps) superset w./ chins (5 reps) x 5 sets
Dips (6-8 reps) + db row (8-12 reps) x 4 sets

Db split squat (8 reps) + kb goblet squat (8 reps) + kb good morning (8 reps) x 3sets
Nordic ham curl x 3 x 8

Suit case carry finisher x 4 rounds down and back

Was doing some experimenting in regards to my set up and discovered a way to set up my bands so that i can replicate many different cable movements. My training options just opened up a whole bunch.

Apr 28 lower body

Resistance band hamstring curl superset w./ heels up hip thruster 3x10-15
Dumbbell rdl (light) 2x20
Nordic ham curl 5x8-10
Barbell hack squat 6x5
Barbell rdl 4x8
Bulgarian split squat 4x10
Sissy squat superset w./ wall sit x 3 sets
Walking lunge ss w./ slut squat x 3 sets
Leg ext. 5x20-25

Apr 29 upper body
Low to high flys ss w./ rows x 4 sets
Incline resistance band press ss w./ low rows x 3 sets
Dips ss w./ chins x 5 sets
Bench (pyramid up in lbs) ss w./ db rows x 5 sets
Barbell curls (fat bar) ss w./ side raise x 4 sets

Overall things are going good for training. Upper/lower seems to work good for me, and i have been doing grease the groove almost every day (mon-fri) and changing up some of my exercises over the past few weeks, although pullups are always done regardless of what else is done.