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Iron Woody Bands

I was looking into buying some bands to incorporate into my dynamic days. They can be viewed at this site–


I’m wondering if anyone has had any previous experience or heard anything about this brand of bands. They are made by Iron Woody, a company I have never heard of before, but that doesn’t mean much considered I’ve only known about bands for less then 2 years.

Band size(in) Jump stretch
(price is for one)
mini 1/2 5-25lbs 9.75
monster 1/2 10-35
light 1 1/8 30-50 20.00
average 1 3/4 65-85 24.50
strong 2 1/2 80-100 29.50
Monster 4 200

               Iron Woody

(price is for a pair)
#1 1/2 5-35 16.00
#2 1/2 10-50 24.00
#3 1 1/2 25-80 32.00
#4 1 3/4 50-120 40.00
#5 2 1/2 60-150 48.00

Here is a general comparison. Jumpstretch makes a monster mini, iron woody doesn’t.

Iron woody also doesn’t dye their whole band which is supposed to I guess make it last longer or something.

The js bands are 41 inches long and the iw bands are 40 inches. The tensions are a little different but probably estimates.

I have some mini’s and lights from elite but will probably try out some of Woody’s PR bands as he calls’m.

The monster mini would just be the Iron Woody #2 band. These seem like a good deal and if you go to the ironwoodyfitness.com you’ll see that they also sell in packages. You can get the 1, 2, 3 (mini, monster mini, and light) bands for 64 dollars, which is not a bad deal at all. I’m debating whether to try it out or not. I might pick up a pair.

I don’t want to bias the upcoming T-Jack Forum, but I have tested Iron Woody bands and they’re excellent. I have two of every one they make.

Yes, the lack of total dye should make them last longer (and I talked to the factory to confirm). They do have a small color patch for easy identification though. Basically these ARE JumpStretch bands (made in the same place) just less expensive and not dyed.

I believe we’re getting several packages to give away for reviewing on the upcoming T-Jack Forum.

ooo, free bands. :slight_smile:

count me in on test’n dem bands!

I’d love to test the bands as well! Right now, I’m using the poor mans version of these: pallet bands.

heck id love to test these two, as ur 1 step ahead of me pharmer, i have no bands or powerrack, but hey i put up good with our school’s b-ball gym

If I could get my hands on these bands for testing, I have several clients that I could test them on. Pick me, pick me (hand raised to the sky)…